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1990 300zx: fine..ive done ( maf sensor..fuel filter

Resolved Question:

my 1990 300zx has a problem     it acts like the gas is stopping or it wont take it ,,,misfires ,pops and loosing power untill finally it will go dead ,,    only have done this 4 times in 600 miles most of the time you can let it sit for a while and it will run fine somthime for a week or so then do it again   things ive done ( maf sensor changed ) ( gas check for water ) (fuel filter,air ,plugs,wires,) all changed no engine light has every come on ( I did run a dia test and only the o2sensor in the left side show to be wrong ) can you help
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Nissan
Expert:  chris replied 8 years ago.

there was a recall on the power transistor that controlls spark. it would make it stall out and it would cool down and work again




October 20, 1994



All 1990-1993 300ZX (Z32)



JN1RZ24A*LX000001 JN1RZ24H*PX538576 JN1RZ26A*LX000001 JN1RZ26H*PX538160 JN1CZ24A*LX000001 JN1CZ24H*PX536696 JN1RZ27H*PX000001 JN1RZ27H*PX003480



An electrical problem in the power transistor unit may cause poor driveability and/or rough idle. A counter measure power transistor unit has been developed to resolve this incident.


It is the dealer's responsibility to check each vehicle within the range of this campaign which for any reason enters the service department. This includes vehicles purchased from private parties or presented by transient (tourist) owners and vehicles in dealer inventory.


The engine should be "OFF", the parking brake applied and the transmission placed in park (if applicable) before beginning service on the vehicle.

1.Open the Hood.


2.Remove the air ducting to the throttle body.


3.Disconnect the power transistor harness connectors.


4.Remove the four bolts holding the power transistor to the timing belt cover.


5.Install the new power transistor bracket.


6.Install the new power transistor.


7.Connect the power transistor sub harness connectors to the existing engine harness connectors for the old power transistor.


8.Secure the harnesses into the clip on the timing belt cover. Tie wrap the other harness to the upper radiator hose as shown in the illustration above. Do Not over tighten the tie wrap on the radiator hose, as this will restrict coolant flow.


NOTE: Keep clearance at least 5 mm between the air duct and the clip/sub-harness. Keep clearance of at least 5 mm between connector and hood support rod.


9.Install air duct to throttle body.


10.Close the hood.





Kit, Power Transistor 22020-97E25 1




Dear Nissan 300ZX Owner:

As a result of our continuous monitoring efforts, Nissan has determined that the power transistor unit in the ignition system may have an electrical problem that could cause poor driveability and/or rough idle in your 300ZX.

To ensure that you are not inconvenienced by an occurrence of this incident, please make an appointment with your Nissan dealer today. He will replace the power transistor at no charge to you. The repair will take less than an hour, but your dealer's schedule may require that you leave your 300ZX for a greater length of time.

Please bring this notice with you when you keep your service appointment. Instructions have been sent to your Nissan Dealer. If the Dealer fails, or is unable to make the necessary repairs at no charge to you, you may contact the National Consumer Affairs Office, Nissan Motor Corporation U.S.A. at P.O. Box 191, Gardena, CaliforniaNNN-NN-NNNN The toll-free telephone number is XXXXX 1 [1-800-647-7261]. If you reside in Hawaii, please call(NNN) NNN-NNNN

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, but we want to ensure that your 300ZX does not experience this incident. Your long term satisfaction with your Nissan is of the utmost importance to us.


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