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Roy F.
Roy F., A.S.E. Certified Master Technician
Category: Nissan
Satisfied Customers: 132
Experience:  General Motors World Class Certified, A.S.E. Master Certified, 23 yrs. Exp. in the auto repair field
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Nissan altima: 1997 gxe 4 cyl cuts out while driving..wont start

Customer Question

my nissan altima 1997 gxe 4 cyl cuts out while driving. it won't start. then I wait about an hour and it will start again. fuel pressure checked out ok. code came up idle control module, knock sensor. will replacing the idle control module solve the problem? if so , where is it located? thank you
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Nissan
Expert:  Roy F. replied 8 years ago.
1. Connect CONSULT. If the vehicle you are working with is not CONSULT
compatible, connect a tachometer (digital readout if possible).
2. Start the engine (the accelerator may have to be opened and/or the fuel pump
fuse removed during cranking to get the engine to start), and warm it to
operating temperature.
3. Run the engine at 2000 rpm (no load) for two minutes. Then shut the engine
4. Check the oil level and correct if necessary (between the "L" and "H" marks on
the dipstick). If the oil level is overfull and has a gasoline odor, change the oil
and filter before performing this procedure. If the crankcase is overfull with oil,
idle speed adjustment may be affected.
5. Disconnect the throttle position sensor (TPS) connector. Now re-start the
6. Rev the engine 2-3 times to 2000-3000 rpm, then allow it to idle (all
accessories "off").
7. Check the ignition timing with a timing light and adjust it to specification (if necessary)
The table shows ignition timing and base idle speed for some models.
If the model or model year you are working on is not listed, refer to the appropriate
service manual (EF &) EC section, and perform the "IDLE SPEED/IGNITION
8. If the vehicle is not CONSULT compatible, monitor the idle speed using the
tachometer connected in step 1. If using CONSULT, perform the following
Monitor the idle speed (CMPS^RPM) on the CONSULT screen.
9. Check the idle rpm and adjust to specification (if necessary) using the screw
on the IACV-AAC valve.
Timing 20 deg +- 2 deg @650rpm +- 50 rpm
10. Turn the engine off, and re-connect the TPS.
I hope this helps ist from nissan bulliten

Thank You,