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mr gray
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2000 Maxima: the interlock console..shift

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2000 Maxima SE. I am trying to replace the interlock solenoid. I have the center console off, but don't know how to remove the shift knob and the black plastic cover that is in the way of the solenoid. Any help? And is the interlock solenoid replacement just a matter of unscewing a few scews and unpluging the wires to it?

you have 2 screws holding shifter and 2 screws holding solenoid

here is the






let me know if you need more help, Hit ACCEPT<that is how i get paid

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
I guess I should have been a little more detailed in what I wanted. (1)For the shifter, I needed to know how to get the leather handle and chrome looking plastic piece off. I have removed the two screws in front but it still seems to be stuck on. I have pulled with a fair deal of force with no results. (2)The next issue is the black plastic shell around the shifter. After much examination, I was able to find the tabs to get the shell off and undue the light but have a problem getting the wire bundle off at the bottom right side. (3)Finally, is there an easy way to remove and reinstall the L shaped rod onto the solenoid assembly? I ended up taking the small plastic piece off that the rod attaches to, put it on the rod, then reinstalled the piece (has a spring and lock washer). I was just trying things out since I don't not have the new solenoid yet.

what was the original problem to begin with???????


you should be able to position that cover out of your way without removing the shifter, to change solenoid,

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