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2001 Nissan Frontier XE: 2.4L..a problem with check engine light

Customer Question

I have 2001 Nissan Frontier XE 2.4L, 2WD. Like many others, I have a problem with check engine light. It is a code O402 catalytic converter below thrashold (bank 1). Many other owners of Nissan Frontier have the same poblem. I checked catalytic converter, and it is fine. Is it that oxygen sensor is going bad or just became lazy? If that might be a problem, since Nissan Frontier has 2 oxygen sensor, 1 before & 1 after catalytic converter, in my case which oxygen sensor we are talking about for the problem above? Thank you for your time and effort answering back to me.
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Nissan
Expert:  Mike V. replied 8 years ago.
Hi there!Do you mean code P0420 ? Or is it code P0402?
Expert:  Mike V. replied 8 years ago.
Actually,I can tell by your description it is the 420.There is a service bulliten for this.You need to go see the dealer to resolve the problem.It is likley you need to have the ecm reprogrammed.They will have to use the nissan scan tool to do it.You can not have this done anyplace else.Here is a description of the bulliten and the number you want them to check.Hope this helps!Thanks
Classification: Reference: Date
EC02-022 NTB02-092 September 5, 2002
IMPORTANT: This bulletin supersedes NTB02-034.
Please discard previously released copies of NTB02-034.
APPLIED VEHICLES: 2001 Frontier (D22)
2001 Xterra (WD22)
APPLIED ENGINE: KA24 (4 cylinder) ONLY
If an applied vehicle has a MIL "ON" and the following DTC stored in the ECM:
• P0420
Use the appropriate Service Procedure steps to determine if the bulletin applies to this
vehicle. If the bulletin applies, complete the applicable Service Procedure steps to repair
the incident, if it should occur.