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where are the canister vent solenoid and the canister purge

Resolved Question:

where are the canister vent solenoid and the canister purge valve located on the 02 sentra 1.8 ltr 4 cylender?
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Nissan
Expert:  Paul Mac replied 8 years ago.
First, the vent control valve is attached to the evap canister. It is located on the bottom side of the car behind the drivers rear tire. The valve is bolted to the evap canister. The purge solenoid valve is bolted on the intake(if I remember right on that year it is blue solenoid valve. Now, what codes did they get. If the code was an Evap Gross leak code, it may very well have been a loose gas cap. If the cap was left loose then it could cause that code. Another common failure is the vent control valve. It can also cause a evap leak code, or it may cause a code for that valve. Usually it is recommended to check the evap canister for water contamination if you get a vent control valve code. Hope this helps. Paul
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Well, they didn't give a code. Go figure.... However, I can tell You that the car has about 146000 miles on it and that we live in the desert. Do You think the Evap canister could be saturated or perhaps there's a lot of fine dust cloging somthing? I did go out and give it the redneck wrench.. I got a bit of dirt & dust but nothing too serious.
Expert:  Paul Mac replied 8 years ago.
It may not be contaminated, we weigh the canister to tell if it is saturated. But as you live in the desert you may be having a different problem. Spiders and bugs like to get up in the water/air seperator(a little filter attached to the vent control valve) and clog up the vant control valve and water/air seperator. Usually you just need to replace the valve and seperator. We usually use a smoke machine and smoke the system with it closed to look for the leak. 9 times out of 10 it is the vent control valve. It's location under the car way in the back, it ends up taking a lot of abuse. But you may want to get the code erased and see if it comes back. A lot of times I have seen it is just a loose gas cap that triggers the code. If it ends up coming back on, then you know there is an actual problem, and you can get the code then too. And remember that this is just an emissions system and it wont cause any changes in the vehicle operation.
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