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2000 Nissan Frontier: cyl..2wd..the pulley mounting assembly

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The drive belt on my 2000 Nissan Frontier (4 cyl. 2wd) was squeaking and upon trying to tighten it i noticed that the pulley mounting assembly for the main drive belt which you would use to tighten the belt had been twisted slightly sideways. This causes the side of the belt to rub the side of the pulley and squeak.   I tried loosening the assembly and setting it straight but every time i tightened it the assembly shifted back to its original position. In the process i also broke the adjustment bolt. I think i need to replace the whole assembly and the bolt and was hoping for your opinion as well as a place i could order or buy this pulley assembly.
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Depending on which tensioner you are talking about... the bolts and pulleys are the same, though.. If it were me, I would get the pieces from salvage, because if you can find it with a dealership, you will pay a whole lot more than it is worth. Besides, if you get it from salvage, they will likely let you just have it for free.... if it is the bolts.

Here is a diagram odf where the tensioners are, though.. That's all they give us on it.. no listing for pulleys or bolts on this engine.. So Salvage would be about the only choice that I can see, right off..

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
The tensioner is on the idler pulley that controls the drive belt for the power steering pump. I was wondering if you had ever encountered an issue with the idler pulley comin out of alignment like i am talking about and whether you thought there was any way of fixing this other than going to the salvage yard for an entirely new one?
You casn reach down there and wiggle the pulley all around, even though the bolt that goes through it is tight?
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
No, all the bolt's are tight and the pulley will not wiggle. The problem is when i tighten the bolt that goes through the center of the pulley, it draws the pulley out of alignment further so that the bottom of the pulley wheel is almost touching the metal assembly that holds it in place. Which, in turn angles the top of the pulley towards the front of the vehicle and out of alighnment, causing the belt to rub.
I see..
Are you sure the mounting hardware for that pulley is in good condition?
Look for things like, no bent bolts, no grooves (or bends) in the brackets, or even the pulley itself.. or the little adjuster nut at the back of it (that the pulley and the long adjuster bolt go through) is not messed up or damaged in any way?
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
I feel like something may be wrong with the mounting bracket. Unfortunately i don't know what to compare it to. I put a washer on the inside of the bolt head that goes through the middle of the pulley assembly in order to make sure the head of the bolt wasn't slipping into some sort of groove but that didn't seem to make a difference. I know something was wrong though because when I tightened that center bolt it would bend the adjustment bolt which i think is what finally made that bolt snap. I think i may end up going to the salvage yard or ordering an entirely new assembly.
They don't have to be gorilla tight... Just snugged up for the most part..

You will want to change the broken, bent bolt for sure.
As far as if the pulley is bent, I would just bend it back, until it stood up straight... as long as it was actually bent.
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