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How to remove rotor on 2004 nissan frontier

Customer Question

How to remove rotor on 2004 nissan frontier
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Nissan
Expert:  AutoTech08 replied 8 years ago.
Is it 2 or 4WD?
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Expert:  AutoTech08 replied 8 years ago.

Hi there,


Removal & Installation (4WD)


CAUTION: If equipped with ABS, disconnect the ABS wheel sensor from the assembly before removing the front axle assembly. Then move it away from the front axle assembly area. Failure to do so may result in damage to the sensor wires and the sensor becoming inoperative.


CAUTION: Brake hose need not be disconnected from brake caliper. In this case, suspend caliper assembly with wire so as not to stretch brake hose. Be careful not to depress brake pedal, or piston will pop out. Make sure brake hose is not twisted.


1. Raise and support vehicle. Remove wheel assembly. Remove caliper, but DO NOT disconnect hydraulic line. Wire caliper aside.

2. Remove free-running hub assembly and lock washer.





Remove wheel bearing lock nut with Wheel Bearing Lock Nut Wrench (J-36001).




Remove wheel hub and wheel bearings being careful not to drop outer bearing.

3. To install, reverse removal procedure. Tighten all fasteners to specification.



After installing wheel hub and wheel bearings, adjust wheel bearing preload.