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1988 hardbody pickup, 2.4 Z24 engine, TBI. I have 2 coils mounted

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1988 hardbody pickup, 2.4 Z24 engine, TBI. I have 2 coils mounted on driver side engine compartment. I want to find out what one is Intake or exhaust.

Hi marset,

here you go, the picture shows and labels them, pay attention to the boots on the coil wire, 1 has a 90 degree bend,the other is straight. This will help Identify them if the stock wires are still installed.





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Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Stock wires were removed from coils so they cannot help me. I notice that each coil has a different modular hook up connector. one is square and one is oblong. one coil sits inboard next to the motor and the other sits next to it outboard towards the fender.
The inboard coil is slightly lower than than the other? and should be the exhust side. Its also slightly in front of the intake. I could not find a wiring diagram to show he connectors.
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