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1987 Nissan D21: 4x4..truck, EFI Z24 4 Cylinder engine..runs fine

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I have a 1987 Nissan D21 4x4 truck, EFI Z24 4 Cylinder engine, manual transmission. It runs fine under normal load. Has lack of power when put under a load while driving. Recently replaced items: Ignition coils, ignition modules, distributor cap, rotor, spark plugs, timing chain set, fuel filter, air filter. Needed to do that to get vehicle running (timing chain was bad). Igintion timing is set to 5 degrees BTDC. Removed exhaust system to ensure that was not plugged. Tested throttle position sensor, that is okay. What is wrong with this vehicle?

You could have a bad mass air flow sensor. This is a very important sensor input to the computer. It uses a hot wire sensing element to measure the amount of air entering the engine. The MAF sensor then outputs an analog voltage signal to the PCM proportional to the intake air mass. The PCM calculates the required fuel injector pulse width in order to provide the desired air/fuel ratio. If the sensor is bad than this air/fuel ratio will be off causing severe performance issues. In extreme cases, I have seen this problem cause a no start condition. This will result in a lean condition.


Also, You could have a lazy or bad oxygen sensor. The heated oxygen sensor is very important to control not only the cars emissions but it also helps the vehicals performance! If it is not working properly it can result in a number of problems like rough running stalling hesitating bucking and jerking. But more common than that if it is lazy, the cars gas miledge can drop considerably, and sometimes not even set a check engine light on the dash!
The fuel control Heated Oxygen Sensor (HO2S 1) is mounted in the exhaust manifold where it can monitor the oxygen content of the exhaust gas stream. The oxygen present in the exhaust gas reacts with the sensor to produce a voltage output. This voltage should constantly fluctuate from approximately 100 mV (high oxygen content - lean mixture) to 900 mV (low oxygen content - rich mixture). The heated oxygen sensor voltage can be monitored with a scan tool. By monitoring the voltage output of the oxygen sensor, the PCM calculates what fuel mixture command to give to the injectors.

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