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Can I do the tuneup on my 2001 Maxima GLE myself

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I consider myself handy and I have a set of basic tools. I've done tune ups on MG's and Volvos in the past but have not tackled any of the new cars I've recently owned. How do I find accurate information on the procedure for doing a tuneup on my 2001 Maxima GLE?
Hello and thank you for using

What do you consider tune up? What parts would you like to know if you can replace?

Spark Plugs?
Air Filter?

That's pretty much it, there is no fuel filter to change, and no wires.

If you would like to change the plugs and air filter, I think you can do it. Just let me know if thats what your looking to do, and I'll tell you what you need to do.

Thanks Jay!
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
You got it, just plugs and the air filter. I can see the front plugs but ones in back have me worried. My usual mechanic wants 4 hours plus parts, about $450 to do it. I'm trying to save some coin (like a gazillion other folks in this economy?). I'm thinking that since I used to do all of my own work on my MG's and Volvos (pre-1990 vintage) I could take on this task as well.

Not to worry, the plugs look worse than they actually are. Your right, the front ones are the easiest. I believe the coils are held in by 2 10 mm bolts. After you unplug the coils, and take the bolts out, the coils come right out, and the plugs are right there to get at. The rear you just need to move a few things to get at it. The bolts holding the coils are a little tighter, so you just have to be a little more careful when working on it, not to drop the coil bolts. There are 2 10 mm bolts that hold the throttle cables, just take them out so the cables are loose, and this will help the coil clear, so it can be removed. You will just need a longer extension, so get at the plugs.

If you have any more questions, please feel free to ask. Thanks Jay!
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