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1997 nissan pickup: its hitting a rev limit at 3000 RPM i..TPS..haynes

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Ive got a 1997 nissan pickup the will act like its hitting a rev limit at 3000 RPM i think it is the black box on the side of the throtle body causing the problem not the TPS but the other box i think haynes is calling it a Air flow meter where i can i get this part


The first thing you should do is find the codes stored in the ECM control unit, This will tell you if you have a sensor problem, your truck could be in safe mode and not letting it accelerate past 3000 rpm. until the code is cleared. I would check this first, Thanks ROY!

Customer: replied 9 years ago.
the trouble code i am getting is P0100 which says there is trouble in the electrical circuit for the mass air flow sensor or volume air sensor. the items it said that could cause the problem is MAP, BARO, MAF, or VAF. i tried to change the MAP but did not fix the problem and the other options I dont think my truck has. Nissan is aying i need to change the top half of the throttle body to fix the problem which is
$500 for the part big suprise there but there is a what hynes manual is calling a air flow meter that mounts the the throtle body but cant find it by itself. but will the air flow meter cause this problem? and if when i changed the MAP sensor if i did not clear the code afterwards would it still act up i would guess yes?
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
another bit of information to help out the problem is not constant although it seems to be acting up more as time goes on if it was going into a safe mode wouldnt that be all the time not just in intervals.


After your explanation, I would think the air flow meter is bad , the only way you can get it is to replace the throttle body top . I think this will fix your problem. your correct if it were in safe mode it would do it all the time. The P0100 air flow code , must have an open circuit. I hope this helps, ROY!



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