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Shimell, Nissan and ASE Master technician
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Experience:  18 years with Nissan. Nissan and ASE master technician with advanced ASE certification.
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2004 Nissan Titan: the fuel pump relay and how is it identified

Customer Question

2004 Nissan Titan. Where is the fuel pump relay and how is it identified?
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Nissan
Expert:  Shimell replied 9 years ago.

the fuel pump relay is part of the IPDM, "intelligent power distribution module" the relay it self is non serviceable and the entire IPDM will need to be replaced if the relay is faulty.

the IPDM is located here.




the connector the relay runs through on the IPDM is white. here is the wire diagram for the fuel pump relay.graphic

Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Called the local Nissan dealer and they faxed a wiring diagram, so we already found the relay and IPDM while waiting for a response to the question - but I do have a follow up that you might be able to help with. This Titan came in with an intermittent runs rough and then dies. Won't restart unless you wait an hour or so. After waiting it runs fine again for a short time. Sounds like fuel pump huh? Wrong. New fuel pump and it ran fine for 30 min. then died. Restarted but chugs and won't take any pedal. Strong sulfur smell but not from cat converter - something else. No ECM codes but does do one very strange thing. When it's chugging our Modis loses communication with ECM. Shut engine down and it reconnects with ECM. Very strange. We can hear pump running so it's not the relay like we originally thought. No obvious way to check fuel pressure since no visible valve. Any advice? This is a tough one. Smokin us like a cheap cigar.