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Monroe vs. KYB? So I've done a lot of research online, which

Customer Question

Monroe vs. KYB?
So I've done a lot of research online, which includes visiting many forums, asking questions to the JustAnswer staff, and talking to my own mechanic.
It seems like the "expert" view on shocks and struts is overwhelmingly favoring KYB. In fact, my mechanic hates Monroe so much, that he said his shop refuses to install a Monroe product. He claims KYB's will go for over 100K.
But the reality is that the rear KYB struts installed on my car 40K miles ago have been so harsh, that I'm tempted to try Monroe for the following reasons:
1. The strut mounts weren't changed, and I think they're now broken due to certain suspension noises.
2. Since I'm already at 40K miles and the recommended replacement is 50K miles, might as well replace the struts while I'm replacing the mounts.
3. The current ride quality is controlled, but so, so harsh. Even at low speeds on a smooth surface, I feel the smallest bump in the road.
I also have a feeling that all these guys online have this racing mindset (using lowering springs, etc.), while I prefer the smooth quality of a stock suspension in my ride.
I'm also thinking that if Monroes are driven in salty roads and extreme weather conditions, they may wear out faster, and I"m not really sure how the typical "online reviewer" drives his/her car. I live in an area where the external temperature is always 50 - 70 degrees, so it should be easier on the strut.
Monroe has been around for ages, so could the quality of a stock style strut really be that bad? I just need to get 50K more out of my 190K car, and I'll be extremely happy.
Also, what about Gabriel? I think I'm going with Monroes based on their marketing, but just wanted to get a different perspective before I spend a few hundred bucks to get this done.
Submitted: 11 months ago.
Category: Infiniti
Expert:  Kalamykid replied 11 months ago.

I understand your problem, but I do not see a question. Can you please tell me more about what you are looking for? I do understand that shocks and strut can be very hard to decide which one do I chose.

Customer: replied 11 months ago.

Okay, this may be a repeat since I'm not sure my initial reply went through.

Based on your experience, do you see any quality problem with Monroe shocks / struts (e.g. premature leaks, bottoming-out, etc.)?

How would you rate the 3 major brands, Monroe, KYB, and Gabriel (the ones available for my car at least) based strictly on quality (not ride comfort or handling)?

Expert:  Kalamykid replied 11 months ago.

That is a very hard question to answer. As I see it if the ride comfort is not there then there is no quality in the shock or strut. If a strut is to stiff and the ride is to hard, then why spend the money on it. If you can get the ride you want out of a strut that will only last for 30k miles Why wast your money on a strut that will only last longer but give you a harsh ride?

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