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Infiniti G35 X: "VDC Off" and "SLIP" lights on.

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The "VDC Off" and "SLIP" light are light on my dashboard. This was only happening once in a blue moon. Now it's coming on, just about, every other time I start my car. Also, the "Break" light will come on but it's much less frequent than the VDC off and SLIP and this will turn off during my drive. Whereas, the VDC off and SLIP are on until I turn my car off. I do not have any problems with my car other than those lights coming on. Can you please assist?

Most common is a faulty abs wheel speed sensor. Have you had the vehicle scanned to see what abs codes are stored?

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
I havent had it scanned. I didnt know if it was a simple fix and was hoping to avoid the $105 charge.

Yes it's most likely a 75 dollar part and about 75 for the labor at a shop. You can try to disconnect the battery for 15 minutes and see if it resets. If the lights come back on then you need to have it scanned which is no extra charge when doing the repair. Also any advanced auto, Aamco, Autozone or Meineke can scan the vehicle for free .These are the next steps.

I am an Infiniti Master Technician and I will do my best to assist you with your Question 9 times out 10 it is just low brake fluid caused by worn pads

Check the fluid level an have your brakes checked.

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
The low break fluid might be an issue because during my last inspection (June of 2011), I was told that my break pads were low but passable for inspection.
I'm not sure if this has any correlation but I thought it might be worth mentioning - the first time those lights came on and stayed on was after I was parked on a fairly steep hill and used my E-brake.
I completely disengaged the E-break but the lights remained on and stayed on until I turned my car off/on. Ever since then, the lights have been coming on occasionally. However, the frequency with which they come on is increasing.
OK this can very well be the brake pads and fluid level so have that checked first if thats not the case you need to have the abs system scanned and see whats causing the failure.These are the next step.Hoped this helped.Positive feedback and bonuses greatly appreciated.

Yes, there is a correlation. There is a float sensor in the brake fluid reservoir so if the car is tipped the fluid will run to the back or the front and the float sensor will inform the ABS control unit that the fluid is low and trip the light. This is a safety pro-cation so you know the ABS system will not work in an emergency. You may also notice the red brake light flickering around hard corners. You probably need rear brakes at this time. Fronts tend to wear slower. Get you brakes inspected again before you start hearing noise! You could top off the level now with Dot 3 brake fluid. Any other fluid will damage the system!

Ryan, Infiniti Master Tech
Category: Infiniti
Satisfied Customers: 1426
Experience: Infiniti Master available by request Thank you!!!
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VDC Light explained

The Vehicle Dynamic Control (VDC) utilizes several sensors to monitor the driver and vehicle. When the VDC system detects an issue, the lighted indicator on the instrument panel flashes.

Many cars and trucks come standard with traction control and anti-lock brakes. Traction control and the anti-lock brake system use wheel-speed sensors to prevent the wheels from slipping during acceleration. VDC light illuminates when one of these systems detects a single wheel speed is faster than the other (the wheel has lost traction.)

Why the VDC light comes on

As with all vehicle components, traction control systems and VDC lights may experience problems. The traction control sensors are attached to each wheel, which leaves them exposed to all kinds of road conditions. Water, dirt, and road debris may render the traction control sensor dirty or damaged, which could prompt the VDC light to turn on.

When the VDC light stays on, it means a wheel is slipping and there is a possible traction control failure. Diagnosing an issue with the traction control system usually requires code-reading tools to pinpoint the problem. If the issue is with the VDC light, it is generally because the driver turned off the traction control switch or there is an electrical malfunction within the dash.

When to turn off the traction control switch

The traction control system cannot increase the traction between the wheel and road surface. In most road conditions, it may be wise to keep the traction control activated. However, if the vehicle gets stuck, the traction control could prevent the tire from gaining enough power to get itself unstuck. By turning off the traction control, the driver can accelerate to gain traction.  

The VDC light was designed to warn drivers of hazardous road conditions by coming on when the traction control sensors detect an issue. By alerting the driver of possible danger, it allows the driver time to slow down to stay safe.