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Customer Question

I do have : P1757 :FR BRAKE SOLENOID and P0735 5GR INCORRECT RATIO; I did exchange the Transmittion fluid on my Infinity 2008 G35X. Nothing was changed. ENGINE CHECK light is ON. On infinity Dealer in TORONTO they dont know what to do!!! Keep making excuses, but online I find in forum like one person get the same problem, and some mechaninc did "something" in front rear brake areas ...and it finished and going back to normal. When it happend- I try to connect my videocamera (one day before) Nothing else was done . Normal regular using of this car. One owner. Can I get any recommendations*? I am technical, and if it possible, I can replace something, or simply by at dealer and go to private garage .,simply help me find the issue. Thanks !
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Infiniti
Expert:  Infiniti expert replied 6 years ago.

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This can be caused by a number of things checked the connectors at the ABS unit and at the transmission make sure they are clean and all tight with no damaged conductors or terminals Then clear these trouble codes and test drive the vehicle tell me which trouble code occurs first this could be a problem with the solenoid in the transmission or it could be a problem with the front brake solenoid

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
I did it at Infinity Dealership. They exchange the transmission fluid and check possible things, clear up the "check engine" light. Its come back after 1 min , when I was at the 300 meters from Dealership after "repair" . Now they recommend me "reprogramm" the infinity main unit. But my feeling , that front brake solenoid doing "wrong" couse I can not start moving car quick. "something" holding it. Two codes show up. But first one - about transmittion. Another thing - when I connect my camcorder to my car, its do not work with video. SOund only. Video "tell me" that car need to be stopped first and after that video will be resumed. BUT!! My car was at the parking. ... so .. car "thinking" wrong .May be I'll go there again next week to see what happend. But the same issue - happend in MANY infinities car... And others as well ...... Some cars was fixed by doing "something" with front brake area... But that exapmle was to shorty (online ) the owner "told " that it was quick fix in front brake area...
Expert:  Infiniti expert replied 6 years ago.
Yes if you're going back to the dealer I would have them checked to see if the problem with the front brake solenoid valve , they may need to replace the modulator unit and that can get are fairly costly the units run about $900 And it takes about 3 hours to replace
Customer: replied 6 years ago.

I'll go monday to the dealer. If they do a n y from your advise , I'll accept it. I'll tell them about MODULATOR unit replacement and connectors at ABC unit