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Infiniti I30 My 01 I30 is slow to accelerate and if I mash

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My 01' I30 is slow to accelerate and if I mash the gas pedal it just boggs down. I haad a mechanic look at it, after replacing the fuel filter and pump, reflashing the ecm, he could figure it out. I was looking at the maf sensor boot and noticed a crack in it. tried to rig it to see if i would notice a difference, but didnt. am I in the right area?
Hi there! Does the car idle ok? Also,is the check engine light on?
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Sometimes it Idles fine, but others it will die. The CEL came on intermittently but now is all the time.
ok, I believe from your description the maf is bad.
When it won't idle, unplug the maf and see if it will stay running.If it does,then replace the maf sensor. If not then there may be a different problem. Also, if you know what the code is or are, post them for me please.
Based on the description however,I think it is likely a mass air flow sensor.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
I will try to get the codes and post them. If I hold the pedal the floor it will rev up to 2500/3000 rpm and then bog down and stay below 1000. then it just sputters and kinda backfires( makes a popping sound)
Ok, you are describing the maf sensor. When it goes out, there is a fuel cutout at about 2700 rpms. This can be mistaken for a faulty fuel pump and fuel pressure regulator.
If you have an autozone, they will read the codes for you for free.
I highly suspect this is the problem.
I need the P codes, like P0171 or P0174
something like that. Thanks
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
P0732 and P0160. I wanna say the last time I had someone read the codes they were differrent. it was a month ago and I am not sure
Ok,I don't see a 160 code. The 732 is a transmission code, but I don't think you have a transmission issue because the engine is really the running problem.
Can you recheck the 160 just to be sure?
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
In the book it said o2 sensor(2nd) no activity detected
Ok, I did find it, must have skipped right over it. This code is for the sensor heater.
Neither of these are the drivability issue. You likely will need to replace the O2 sensor to deal with the sensor heater malfunction, but I would still put a maf sensor on it to resolve the issue at hand.
Use a factory replacement, the aftermarkets and rebuilt units don't last.
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