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Chris The Lawyer
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What lawyer needed to take cyfs on in nz for getting

Customer Question

what lawyer needed to take cyfs on in nz for getting children hurt and adult beating up due to lies in court paper work?
Submitted: 9 months ago.
Category: New Zealand Law
Expert:  Chris The Lawyer replied 9 months ago.

An experienced court lawyer would be able to take this on. You will no doubt be aware that suing a crown department can be difficult, and you cannot sue witnesses for giving evidence in court cases. The documents filed in court are also protected so you would need to have evidence of perjury, which is lieing on oath. If you have evidence of this, you can complain to the police or with a lawyer, bring a private prosecution

Customer: replied 9 months ago.
ok thank you i have 99% of the paper work but saying this the other paper's im not aloud it but can show others as know who does have the other paper work which is that what cause this so if i ring for lawyer i'm asking for a family lawyer or other type due to being cyfs and there doing wrong. this has also happen as well in the last few days pass too..
Expert:  Chris The Lawyer replied 9 months ago.

I have read that article but I am unsure what this means for you. Where do you need the lawyer? Which town do you live in?

Customer: replied 9 months ago.
im in greymouth nz both the papper cuting are diff and to do with me and the cause of them was cyfs but i dont knw wht lawyer i would need to take them in to court for what they cause this is just the lateness lot of it as it been happen now for over 8 years cause was one worker for cyfs now they left due to my on going nut out at cyfs but a under dog worker who work under her take it all up and is using me again to make hell for others i feel my human rights have be kick out the door and that the info they are saying is lies but i seen that if they right its a believe of the work for cyfs yet they are hurting children and familys and cause harm to myself and others from these lies they used in court paper work to get what they want i only need to know the type of lawyer i should be looking at getting for the case as i rang over 108 lawyer firms with no luck taking cyfs on as they all said my case is to big this is my point its is so dam big no one not even the police want to deal with it or can they deal with due to it being cyfs. i had over 45 court cases about this already every time they use me to take someone child yet the police of nz say im safe around children i also pass a police vet to work in a high school as well and have no issues with find jobs or working with children only people that do have a issues is cyfs and in this i cant be around any children under 16 years old first it was girls them in 2010 it change to little boy due to my son beening born they cant tell anyone what the issues is with me or why i shouldnt be around children but they keep takeing them from myself or any new parther i get to to the on going shit from cyfs i moved 14 times as well each time i started new life new parther some with children some with out and still cyfs have found me and step i n cause shit over and over again so what type of lawyer woould i be needing for this to go to court or how do i get it in to court as greymouth court wont let me file any thing toward cyfs with out a lawyer and i cant find one in family court that willing to help and i feel it more than just family court needed for this case as there be children rape i nthe care of cyfs my own child and them other place in care because of me and them they try taking about 6 children now from my ex parther and mates i friends with yet i' ve ever been charge with harming a child menlly phy or sexally and police clear me i am lost to what i am to do or how i can get some help for this thank again the paper work i sent is only what happen in the last few months i have a 1.2 tb of files and theft and rape and missuse of there power to hurt familys myself and children just around me there tons of it from cyfs worker taking cash to hide my girl in there care on the day i was to have her sign back to my care took 3 years to find her when i did well she been moved to the north island and rape 3 time in there care i had not be told her mother had die just before her 3 birthday so im the own next of kin and was not told or even looked for toward any of her court case with it as cyfs lies and said they didnt know where i was yet i flie report about my girl missing and they had all my address for it and phone number so on it a real head ack and i turn to the police for help they are dumb founded so are everyone else ive asked to help me one person did try to help me about 2 years ago who was a teacher in a high school as well next thing i new they where be builly by cyfs and them they where tld they where playing with kids at the school all for help me in court to stop cyfs taking my son from his mother even when i was with the mother as i left her due to cyfs to save my son from them in the end the teach lost his job for around 3 months till they clear him but this was to stop him help me in court by this time i found a lwayer in family court to help my son and his mother they won only cause i didnt live with her anymore if i can work in a play center for young kids or a high school or as a sparkey in people's homes yet im cant be around children mainly my own ?????? they cant even tell the court or my childrem mother what the risk i am or why ???? i at my last wit end on this and this why i sign up on here i need to know the type of lawyer i should be looking for to take this case on it over a joke now and there no help anywhere on it thanks again
Expert:  Chris The Lawyer replied 9 months ago.

Thank you for the very long explanation. I assume you have tried most of the lawyers in your hometown. I am still not sure what sort of case you want to bring against CYFS. It is difficult to sue a government department where they are carrying out their statutory functions. In specific cases where you are involved in the Family Court you would be entitled to a lawyer to represent you. If you have a current case, then if you are not working you will get legal aid. If you have a more general complaint about CYFS, then your starting point would be to obtain the official information held about you. Your comment that you hold a large number of files suggests you may have done this. The other place where you can go would be to the ombudsman, who can investigate systemic unfairness

Customer: replied 9 months ago.
my case would like be the harm of the children and myself in there care and them there the ongoing issues are the on going bugging of cyfs in my life or other around me due to me and them there my human rights on this all and them there the lies and stuff they print in paper work which what cyfs keep using time again and again on there case when it come to me they stop my whole life as in partnership with partner or children relationships working living i've been beating up three time due to there lies saying i've sexually harm children or are a risk to do so with out proof or never been charge for this...
Expert:  Chris The Lawyer replied 9 months ago.

I really think this is a matter where you should complain to the Ombudsman because they can look at these issues for you. You can make a complaint online at

This is a free service too

Customer: replied 9 months ago.
the time frame on this all been most from 2004 til now as my own issues with cyfs as a cyfs child start from 1977 til now lol all the paper work that been used so far from cyfs is from 2004 to 2012 this paper they stuff they use to take my girl out of my care in 2005 and as i said the police in nz have clear me for being around children and i have no charges that would stop me from working with children or having children in my care as i do from time to time now still and they are my own children as well and cyfs know i do yet only take court issues if it a new partner or ive moved
Customer: replied 9 months ago.
or there are new children in my life or around me
Expert:  Chris The Lawyer replied 9 months ago.

This does suggest to me that you need an organisation to investigate CYFS to see if they are giving you unfair attention. That is the job of the ombudsman, because they are there to look at cases where a government department has been unfair to a person

Customer: replied 9 months ago.
i done that as well throught there investigate and they found the frist worker to be a issue and remove her from my case them the new one working under her took over ask if a investigate to be done again one the matter and they sent me back they couldn't find a issue so with in a few months they had made few more issues so i made issues again about it all for them and in the end of it all the first cyfs work who was the chef of cyfs in greymouth at this time left due to me having proof of her doing drug deals and the harm to my girl and theft from this a the new worker took over her job so she now the boss in greymouth and 5 months before taking the job she hit her partner and child got charge for the left the area for 4 months them came back took over the chef job and had just ended her training for socal working as well it a head ack really is ive got so much paper work from asking the people who do this job it not funny anymore this what im saying i cant get help any where if i ask them to do it they stuff around them don't do there job right or even come here to see what they are causing so i them when to court try there no luck so them i gone to paper and new paper as u seen are trying to help and any other place i ask are being close down for blackmail from the police and cyfs to not start anything i add a other file show this. i try every thing of web to news to paper to govment place to get help toward them no luck
only thing that made a issues for it all been my web posting and asking for help through site and cyfs help sites most are ran by cyfs as well those site im block from or been dele from with out post gif up only tell story and asking for help have all that screen shot as well i keep every paper every phone call record every court paper and i cant get help
Customer: replied 9 months ago.
organisation to investigate CYFS Panic they block me wont help me i post on web for help and wrote letters as well this orgaisation is ran by cyfs as well so really they wont help take them self to court i worked that out with in weeks of asking in 2004
so i when high up and still no luck they told me to find a lawyer to help me as the organisation and mp above cyfs will not help me as well...
Customer: replied 9 months ago.
i start doing all i can to make this a big deal here in nz so have a few others within nz as u can see one of those gif the guy help ton of people toward them so do i with what i can but we are all so lost it what to do next what type of lawyer needed to do these issues toward them in court and to save my children from harm as they do cause harm both mental and phy and some other children and caregiver have cause sexauly issues with the children in care it not fair on them or anyone else in nz and i can only keep trying and i wont give up till what been done wrong is fix from them cause it.... for the children main now but it a big joke to them all the chef of cyfs in greymouth told the man the teacher who was help me and few others with cyfs that no matter what i do or where i am they will wreck my relationships and take all children around in to there care NO reason where given for this or why it was told to him is a head ack
Customer: replied 9 months ago.
ombudsman reply to me 4 time and 2 email as well and there no issues they said every time
Expert:  Chris The Lawyer replied 9 months ago.

I can suggest one lawyer who is very experienced at dealing with complaints about CYFS mismanagement, but she is in Wellington. Her name is***** and her website for her firm as below

Customer: replied 9 months ago.
Thank you very much, ill send an email in the next few days to her
Expert:  Chris The Lawyer replied 9 months ago.


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