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Can you help with what are the fathers rights, my sons

Customer Question

Can you help with what are the fathers rights, my sons daughter was born in Melbourne and is 4 years old he has yet to meet her as he has been unable to travel to visit, the mother and child have now returned to NZ Hastings and the mother is being rather hesitant about when they can meet, what is their address etc, they are only communicating through private messages on Facebook, and when my son does message sometimes she can take days to reply even though it says she has viewed the message, so we feel it's like she is stalling and dragging it out, we have given the Mother updated phone numbers etc to contact us and this hasn't helped still no contact, my son is paying child support, what would you recommend our next steps should be, thank you look forward to your reply.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: New Zealand Law
Expert:  Chris The Lawyer replied 1 year ago.

The next step wpuld be to start a mediation through the FDR mediation process. From the Fairway Resolution site it says

Family Dispute Resolution is a mediation service, which is part of the wider Family Justice system delivered by the Ministry of Justice.

The Family Justice system is designed to help people resolve their care of children issues without the time, expense and stress of going to court. This in turn frees up the courts to focus on cases that most need judicial expertise, especially those involving domestic violence.

Family Dispute Resolution (FDR) is a critical part of the government’s family justice system, and is designed to help families reach agreement on parenting arrangements after separation.

Whilst most people reach agreement on parenting arrangements privately, some people need extra help.

The first step is to complete the Parenting Through Separation (PTS) course which is a free information programme run by experienced professionals. You can find a list of providers by visiting the Ministry of Justice website.

If you can’t agree arrangements following the PTS course, your next step is to use the Family Dispute Resolution Service.

FDR is a nationwide meditation service that helps people discuss their parenting arrangements. An FDR Provider (mediator) will work with all parties so that a practical agreement can be reached that supports the best interests of the child.

Anyone involved in a dispute about the care of children can go to FDR. Most of the time, this is parents who cannot reach agreement but it may involve extended family, whanau or other people.

Sorting out your own arrangements is better for you and your children. You have more control over the outcome than you would by going to court.

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