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I have been involved in a very serious scam situation in

Customer Question

I have been involved in a very serious scam situation in Dubai this month. I was lead to believe that I was going to receive an inheritance of £35000 000.00 from a lady from the UK, we had been communicating with each other for approximately 4mths last year.This lady has since passed away, she had left a Will that I be the sole beneficiary.
A lawyer from Dubai took over the handling of the situation. I had to pay $24 030.00NZD in order to have the funds released at UAE. I was requested to arrive at Dubai inorder to provide prove of the funds to me and to finalise the documentation process, in order to receive the inherited funds to be transferred into my NZ bank account. All this I had done. Then realised afterwards after investigating where this lawyer practices and whether this person is a genuine registered lawyer. It turned out that no such name of this lawyer or his practice exists in Dubai.
I spent a few days in Dubai sight seeing and supposedly meet with this lawyer. Ended up meeting one of his associates instead, who had shown me a case full of $100.00USD currency. This person got me to exchange $100.00USD, to prove that the money is authentic. I was encouraged to keep this money, which I did. A couple of days later when I got home to NZ, I was asked by this lawyer from Dubai, to produce a further $278,240.00 USA, within a week, by the 30th January their local time, in order for them to provide documentations for the security, clearance and transfer of the funds to by bank account from UAE, Dubai. Due to the fact that I had notified the lawyer that I could not come up with such an amount of money on several occasions. I have since been informed that as a result of not paying up, I would now be in serious legal trouble from the authorities in Duba
I have reported this to thr NZ police, of which they are unable to do anything about except document the report for record sake. Have reported to Websafe, the Ministry of Affairs, Consumer affairs and to ID care in NZ.
I have since received further emails of the negative outcomes for me as a result of not being able to provide $268,2440.00 from the lawyer and his associate in Dubai. Plus, last night I received an email from the Ministry of Affairs in Wellington, Colin MacDonald, (chief executive) and Hon. Peter Dunne, Minister of Internal Affairsindicating that I was to act immediately to avoid confiscation of my funds, that I would have 10 days to submit the necessary documents that was going to cost me $ 278,240.00USD in order to release the money from the UAE authorities, if I do not comply to this, the result will be that I will be arrested at home in NZ and extradited to the UAE for further investigation!!
Help what do I do now? Have tried contacting the Ministry of Affairs this morning, but they are closed, have sent them a lengthy email, explaining exactly what has happened.
What do I do in the meantime?
* ***** ******** (sorry for such a long message!
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: New Zealand Law
Expert:  Chris The Lawyer replied 1 year ago.

You must delete all those emails and refuse to respond further. They cannot sue you and the emails are almost certainly forgeries. Ministers of the Crown would never contact you like this. They have no power to extradite you for this and you are quite safe.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Thank you for your response the letter from the Minister had the letter head, correct contact details when I checked on their website. It looked so real!!
I have deleted all emails from the scammed.
Thank you for your recurrences, I needed this so badly. How would scammed acquire the duplicate letter heads on the letter that I received from the Minister?
* ***** ********
Expert:  Chris The Lawyer replied 1 year ago.

They probably copied this from something online. They are often very clever and also very bullying. But don't ever contact them again

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