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Djurdjevic. I am a tiler and I own my tiling company. Couple

Customer Question

Hi, my name is***** I am a tiler and I own my tiling company. Couple months ago I was working for Block-TV NZ/house no 3 for Cat and Jeremy and upon finishing the jobs I issued tax invoice for our services. After 4 weeks I have been called by Cat and Jeremy asking me to go over and do another job for them. Since I haven't been paid for jobs already finished I insisted to be paid before I am to start any more jobs for them. They haven't paid and they got another tiler to do the job.
Yesterday, 28th Oct., I was watching Block-TV program and was stunned witnessing how much lies and misrepresenting the facts was producers ready to get involved in to portrait me personally and professionally as bad as one can think of.
Must also say that first minute I came to construction site, I insisted that they don't have my permission to show me on tv in any case, but I end up being a subject of almost all above episode. I was presented as "Temperamental European Tiler" then in one frame they put by my, tired from work and dusty from tiles cutting, face over which they have written something like Bob went crazy or something similar, don't remember exact word thou.
They were making the case of me being bad by saying on program that I am not coming to do another job because I want to be paid in full for job I haven't been started jet, infect I refused because I was already waiting over a month to be paid for previous jobs.
My question for you is, is there a law that can protect us from what people on tv's are doing, do they have a right to misrepresent fact as they think is fitting nicely for the program, and what shall I do to protect my personal integrity as well as my professional position in which I invested many years of hard work.
Kind regards,
Ljubisa Bob Djurdjevic
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: New Zealand Law
Expert:  Chris The Lawyer replied 1 year ago.

You can sue for defamation, if they have said lies about you on television. You should start by seeing a lawyer who will write seeking an apology for the comments, and also demand payment for your work. If they refuse to do so then you can claim against them in court and claim damages for the lies. You can also claim the unpaid invoices. I can suggest some lawyers if you need names, and advise the city you live in.

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