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Live in Cambridge. Who should I go to bellow issues. I was

Customer Question

I am ***** ***** live in Cambridge. Who should I go to for the bellow issues.
I was sack from Camco industries after 10 years of service.
The Wife Director assumed control over her Husband who has work the whole business up with myself as their only salesman then becoming the team leader in sales.
I was in Hospital on stress leave, and she wrote a nasty letter terminating my work contract to a friend and never sent me a copy. He wanted 4 days to tell me what had been done.There is several dishonest statements included including she did not care if this was legal or not.
In speaking to the Boss he never wanted this to happen, was very sorry but can only offer a letter to terminate the contract with no compensation as the situation has become untenable, they have dumped me on the street with a mortgage and six kids also my wife has passed away in the last five years.
Is this legal Who can help me as they will not Negotiate with the support person that has helped. this all ways was a different person to the friend they wrote too
***** ***** ***@******.***
MOB 021 523 601 *****
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: New Zealand Law
Expert:  Chris The Lawyer replied 2 years ago.

This is wrongful dismissal and you can claim against them for this in the Employment Relations Authority. You start with a mediator where you can negotiate compensation

Mediators work with people to find solutions to employment relationship problems that will work for both parties. Mediators are not advocates for either party. They are independent people committed to the process of problem resolution. Mediators are skilled at facilitating discussions between the parties and helping them to identify issues and potential solutions. The aim of mediation is for the parties to resolve the matter by agreement. The mediator’s role is to:

  • help people find the best way to resolve their problems
  • encourage parties to identify the real issues
  • help the parties explain those issues to each other
  • identify points of agreement between the two parties
  • help people find a way through their problem that may not seem immediately apparent
  • work with people to find answers that reflect good faith and common sense
  • work with parties to seek a resolution that allows both parties to move on.

Mediation services under the Employment Relations Act 2000 are provided by the Department of Labour. Mediation services are available to any employer or employee with an employment relations problem. Mediation is simple, effective, free and fair.

To contact the Service Centre for workplace enquiries call 0800 20 90 20 or go to the contact page.

Information officers at the Service Centre are experienced in helping with day-to-day problems in workplaces. They can also help interpret the minimum legal employment conditions. In most cases, information officers can give you information to help you deal with your problem yourself by providing facts and commonsense suggestions.

If your question requires more assistance, information officers can help you to decide which process will help you deal with the problem. They may refer you to other services established under the Employment Relations Act, or may provide information on other government agencies such as the Human Rights Commission or other parts of MBIE.

The service is free, and your call is always confidential.

Expert:  Chris The Lawyer replied 2 years ago.

You dont need a lawyer at this stage but it can be useful. If you need a lawyer there are some good ones in Hamilton and I can suggest names

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