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My grandson is 4 years old. My son has not been a part of s

Customer Question

My grandson is 4 years old. My son has not been a part of his life from the start, so my husband and I stepped in and played the role by having him about 3 days a week every week. He is very close to us including my 2 daughters, our relationship with the mother has been very strained over the years as she is young and we have had concerns about her care of him. when he was 3 she introduced him to his grandfather (my ex partner) and started sending him there in the school holidays. recently she has sent him to gisbourne to him and has not brought him back, just left him there. Initially she was in contact with us reassuring us that he was coming back and she was sorting out her roster, she would keep texting that he was coming back then stopped contact with us altogether. What rights do my husband and I have?
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: New Zealand Law
Expert:  Chris The Lawyer replied 2 years ago.

The first step would be to start family mediation through Fairway Resolution. This is a necessary step to try to resolve this before you can go to court. Whilst most people reach agreement on parenting arrangements privately, some people need extra help. FDR is a nationwide mediation service that helps people discuss their parenting arrangements. An FDR Provider (mediator) will work with all parties so that a practical agreement can be reached that supports the best interests of the child. FDR mediation is free of charge if you qualify for government funding. If you do not qualify for full funding, you will still be able to access FDR at a total cost of $897 including GST, by using FairWay FDR mediators. To find out whether you qualify for government funding call on 0800 77 44 20 and talk to one of the Resolution Coordinators.

Once this has started it can happen fairly quickly, and if you dont settle this you can then apply to the Family Court for the child to be returned