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Hey i need help. Actually i was looking and i applied

Customer Question

Hey i need help. Actually i was looking for jobs and i applied for a job on trade me.
I got interview call from recruitment agency for a job in Inbound call center for a communication company. I had interview on 23rd June and they said you will join from 8th July. I was happy finally i got job at last. i did not try for other jobs after that. In first week of july before my joining i got call from recruitment agency that the communication company is unable to complete their setup on given date that's why i can't join them on 8th july. The recruitment agency said if you want to wait or not it is up to me. But if you are willing to join the given opportunity than you have to wait up to 28 of July. I was upset because i was unemployed since march this year. I told them i am in trouble now because i need job ASAP. But i promise than it's fine i will wait up to 28th July because i don't want to loose that job. Then on 10th July i got call from recruitment agency that i can start that job from 24th July Friday and company will pay for that entire week.
In the mean while i haven't got any other opportunity. So decide to join that call center project. I started my training from 24th of July and in between the training period they deal very unprofessionally. They were not sure when they will set up completely they suggest us keep doing training until they setup system completely. they send me a roster of my shifts between 12 to 9 pm. But because the system was not ready to do live calls some times they finish training quite soon. Yesterday on 30th July we were doing practicing calls with training agents and they choose 3 Indian people and said it's over for today now you guys come tomorrow at 11:30. and next morning we got call to meet our recruiting agent in morning. When we all meet them they said Their client don't want you go ahead with them. Because you were not good in Test calls. They terminate our contract and suggest us to go home. I feel harassed because there were many thing which make me upset.
First of all we never did any live test call .
Their system to call customers was not ready yet.
The script which we have to speak on call was not finalized.
We did test call with each other just casually.
No one told us that now its your test call on which will decide weather you will select or not.
I want to know what rights i have against this issue. Who is wrong in this case.
Now i have to apply for jobs again and i don't know when i will get any job.
isn't it wrong they wasted my one month and they put me in a situation where i have lack of money and opportunities. How i will survive until i get another Job.
Please give me some suggestions is it my fault or their??
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: New Zealand Law
Expert:  Chris The Lawyer replied 2 years ago.
If you were given the job, then they cannot dismiss you without proper procedure. This means verbal warnings and a written warning. The issue here is whether you actually had a contract. From your description, this seems likely and therefore you can claim for wrongful dismissal. This would include the time wasted waiting, and damages for the distress. The first step is to contact a mediator from the Department of Labour, and open a mediation to try to settle this.