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HI i went to talk to my flatmate about an issue and he basically

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HI i went to talk to my flatmate about an issue and he basically went ballistic, swearing and threatening to throw me out and calling me all names under the sun. He invaded my private space and i pushed him away and moved back, where he began to continue swearing at me. he said I assaulted him,, twice i asked him to stop threatening me.
He is evicting me from the flat, i dont mind that as it is not a nice space to be in. The third flatmate asked me to sit down as well as the other party two nights later. The flatmate who is evicting me stood up and verbally abused me some more before walking off.
Being called a retard and other words has affected me even though I try to say it hasnt.
Do i have any leagl standing against him? Did i assault him?


christhelawyer : HiWelcome to JustAnswer. My first response will follow shortly. Please feel free to follow up if anything is not clear
christhelawyer : It is always a defence to an assault that you were defending yourself. In a situation like this it can be difficult to determine what actually happened and the police would be reluctant to do anything. It is difficult to unravel who said what and to whom. This is not because you are not telling the truth, but because each of you is upset and will see what happened through different eyes.
christhelawyer : But you were trying to talk this through which is the best approach, and he has refused to talk this through. The important way to approach discussions like this is to stick to the issues and not the personal attacks.
christhelawyer : That should be the future of any discussions rather than debating who said what and to who.
christhelawyer : Legally you both may have insulted each other
christhelawyer : And assaulted each other

Thanks for your reply. He didnt want the police involved and i think its probably for the reasons that you have stated, i can personally say that i have never made it personal, there will not be no further discussion as he will not go there. I will move out and get on with my life.

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