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I have just been rung at home by a police officer who witnessed

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I have just been rung at home by a police officer who witnessed a traffic offence yesterday afternoon. I was asleep when he rang and was woken and handed the phone. However, apart from being a bit shell shocked I did admit to being the driver of a vehicle and HORSEFLOAT that went through a red light yesterday. I gave myself a fright at the time because it is not something I would choose to do. I was on an unfamiliar road in lanes of traffic following another vehicle. I think I had foot down from going up a hill. Lights changed and had a unexpectedly short orange phase. I went through just as light went red , couldn't have stopped without jack knifing the vehicle as had a horse on board. I mentioned this to police officer who said he disputed this because he was in the lane beside and able to stop.
I did not argue with him as obviously he was not prepared to accept explanation. I knew I had made a mistake at the time, misjudged the situation probably because of unfamiliar old etc but I was at fault. How do I stand? What is the likely outcome please? Do you have any recommend ions?

christhelawyer : HiWelcome to JustAnswer. My first response will follow shortly. Please feel free to follow up if anything is not clear
christhelawyer : You may be charged with an infringement or with careless driving which is more serious, but both would seldom mean more than a fine. You can defend the charge of course if you say that your trailer meant it wasn't safe to stop. Realistically the court usually believes the police however. I doubt if you would lose your job over this however.
christhelawyer : When you get the tickets, and it is just an infringement you can just pay the fine. If this is careless driving you may want to discuss this with a lawyer.
christhelawyer : So wait until you see what the police decide, which will govern what you do.
Customer: What amount is the fine likely to be please?
christhelawyer : That can depend on the charge. If it is just running a red light then there is a standard fine of 150 and for careless driving in the range $300 to $600.
Customer: Do you have to go to court if its a careless driving charge?
christhelawyer : No, you can plead guilty by letter to th court.
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Thanks for checking back in. I really appreciate that. He just sent a ticket for the red light thank goodness as I was a bit scared it might be dangerous driving. The date on the ticket is incorrect. I suspect to match a day he was on duty BUT not keen to rock the boat in case it gets changed to a more serious charge. Will bite the bullet and pay. Bottom line is that although I didn't intend to run the red light I did and could have caused a serious accident.
Thanks for your help.
Thanks for the update. I am pleased for him the charge isnt too bad

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