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Hello there, Just a little stuck. As a business we have followed

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Hello there,
Just a little stuck.
As a business we have followed the consumer act, plus replaced some shoes not even purchased in NZ.
The customer is still not satisfied.
Then the customer has sent threatening emails about blackmailing through social media.

What is the best course of action?

christhelawyer : HiWelcome to JustAnswer. My first response will follow shortly. Please feel free to follow up if anything is not clear
christhelawyer : If you have met your obligations, but the customer is threatening blackmail through social media, then this could possibly be a police matter.
christhelawyer : If what you have offered is reasonable and what she wants is over the top this would in the worst case for her be blackmail or extortion. So the next stage may be to say to her, that you are making a final offer. If she then rejects this with threats respond by stating you will now report this to the police for blackmail.



Thank you.


I'm concerned also with the nature of the emails. The language is very aggressive and he has resorted to name calling/insulting customer service and detailing how in the past he has done this sort of thing and he is yet to loose a case. Giving him a second pair of sless will not bankrupt us, but if he making king a business out of doing this sort of thing he must be stopped.


Please note; we have replaced a pair already which he purchased in Oz. Sent the new pair to him as he does not have transport. Now he won't allow us to even view this pair to have it repaired. He still wants a full refund-without sending the shoes back. Plus he wants to charge for writing negative reviews about the company I work for.


I'm writing this at my own expense/discretion as the main customer service colleague involved is at a loss. Not to mention being called metal in Latin.

christhelawyer : This does sound more like blackmail to me, particularly with threats.
christhelawyer : Metal in Latin?
christhelawyer : The threat to make you pay for writing the reviews is blackmail, plain and simple.
christhelawyer : Does this help?

Yes.We have blocked his emails at work. Invited him to a meeting to discuss his issues with the managing dircetors


Oops- hit enter as a habbit. In addtion to the above we have taking more legal advise, He has contacted approx 20-30 of our customers via email, written damming 'editorials' pretending to be the owner of the goes on and on. Mental in Latin "Comidus Menatilus"? I am unsure on the spelling.

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