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Hi i was just wondering what a persons rights are as a registered

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Hi i was just wondering what a persons rights are as a registered dog owner were, as my registered and micro-chipped dog was seized and put down without my knowledge, by the local dog pound in the East Coast area of the Gisborne District. She was not a hazardous animal, but a family pet. The third party who called the council had been feeding her on numerous occasions; when asked not to do so, as our dog would not return home if she continued feeding her, she got annoyed with our dog and decided upon herself to call the pound without my knowledge. I have contacted the council in regards XXXXX XXXXX matter and was informed that they had no knowledge as to when where or why our dog was seized. However a new set of papers had been filled out for another dog with the exact same description, around the date of seizure, this dog was adopted out by another family in Tolaga Bay. On multiple occasions we have requested information on the whereabouts of our dog yet nobody can provide us with adequate information. On speaking with the third party involved she has informed us that the buyer who had supposedly adopted our dog under a new alias, did not want her anymore and only wanted her pup; so our dog was then given back to the pound and put down. This is very distressing and un-fair that someone can do this without a care for anyone else involved, If you have any advice for us it would be greatly appreciated

christhelawyer : HiWelcome to JustAnswer. My first response will follow shortly. Please feel free to follow up if anything is not clear
christhelawyer : The first step you will need is to ask under the Official Information Act for copies of all of the papers which the council has about this. You are entitled to this.
christhelawyer : if this third party has forged a set of papers about your dog, then you should go to the police, because that would be a criminal offence.
christhelawyer : getting the official information should help, because this may show whether the council checked the microchips.
christhelawyer : If she has forged the papers and the council did not check the microchip you should ask the council for compensation.
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