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Dr Subbanna MD
Dr Subbanna MD, Neurologist (MD)
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Dizziness, tinnitus, and tingling sensation all over the

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Dizziness, tinnitus, and tingling sensation all over the body. Strange sensation on extremities started 5-6 years ago. Went to see neurologists for possibilities of ms, lyme, etc. Did bunch of tests - MRIs (lesions were found but not indicative ms), EKGs, blood, lumbar puncture, etc. - they all came back NON ms. They called it fibromyalgia, myofascial pain syndrome. Been dizzy every since. Tinnitus getting worse. Saw ENT, he said "possible" Meniere's but not sure. Gave me diuretics - seemed to help but not anymore. Don't know what to do. Last time I saw a neuro (5-6 months ago), he told me to do MRI again but didn't due to fear of more lesions being found or ms. What's wrong with me???

Hi, it appeared you had posted another question bit earlier, is that right? Because I see the exact same symptoms and same clinical history & investigations etc, but I see these questions are posted under different user names. It appears you are facing some technical glitches and you are not able to access your previous question, am I right?

Are you able to access to the answer I had posted bit earlier today to your other question? If you are not able to access to that answer do you want me to Copy & Paste that answer here?

Kindly reply,

Best Regards!

Dr Subbanna MD

Customer: replied 25 days ago.
Sorry about this. I didn't know I had two accounts... how to proceed?

I have already posted my reply at your other question. Are you still facing problem in accessing my replies posted there?

Customer: replied 25 days ago.
Can you just ask you another question here then?

Yes, sure, as you wish. You may also please accept/rate my answer that I have already posted at your other question. I will appreciate a 5 star excellent rating, Thanks!

Customer: replied 25 days ago.
Sort of related to my other symptoms but this was a vision problem. Nothing like double vision or partial blindness but I sometimes see flashes of light when in dark. It's like fireworks going off. This is another reason why I thought it could be ms since I heard vision problems hinted ms. Went to see an eye doc but he said that nothing was wrong with my eyes and that it was most likely coming from my brain.

Hi, appreciate for the 5 star excellent rating! Thanks.

I am going through this information and I will follow up with you asap.

Best Regards!

I am almost done with my typing I will follow up with you very soon.

Best Regards!

Okay I see, I can fully understand your concerns.

But if you are concerned whether this symptom is indicative of ms then please this is never how ms presents.

The ms related visual symptoms include one or more of the following;

Complete loss of vision in one eye

Severe blurring of vision in one eye

Double vision etc

You are not having any of the above types of symptom related to your vision, rather the types of symptoms you are having in the form of flashes of light when in dark – is not at all suspicion for ms. If someone is having ms related eye symptoms then they are supposed to experience one or more of the earlier mentioned symptoms with their vision, if you are not having such symptoms then your visual symptoms are unlikely due to ms

This is not ms, not brain tumor, not stroke, and not any other brain conditions.

Once again I can very categorically reassure you, the symptom in the form of flashes of light you have been having is not at all secondary to ms, and there is not even iota of doubt in this regard, I have analysed earlier your other symptoms too, the symptom you have mentioned here now or the other symptoms you have mentioned at the other question - none of these are pointing towards the possibility of ms or any other serious brain conditions including brain tumors, strokes, or any other brain pathologies. You are definitely not having ms or any of these brain conditions mentioned earlier, so please not to be scared. You may please try the earlier mentioned therapeutic regimen and it will help you in getting rid of these symptoms.

You certainly do not have MS, or any other brain conditions, and there is not even an iota of doubt in this regard.

Wishing & reassuring you a quick & complete recovery! And also Wishing you the best health!

All the very best!

Please let me know if you have any additional questions or if you want to discuss this further. And please take a moment and kindly click a positive rating (preferably 5 Star/Excellent) to credit for the time & effort put by me in answering your health question, and this is the only way I will be credited for my service to you. If you have follow-up or additional questions you can ask them after the rating too!

Assuring you the best services!

Best Regards!

Dr Subbanna MD

Customer: replied 25 days ago.
Then can migraine cause these flashes? I will try the supplements you recommended. Should I take xanax? It helped a bit last time with tinnitus - but again, made me very drowsy. I have been taking a lot of B12 but it seems to make the tingling worse.

Yes, migraine is a possibility – provided you are also having headaches. If headaches are not associated with these flashes of lights then it still can be migraine but then this condition is called as migraine equivalents (because headache is absent)

But as far as serious possibilities are considered, please see we need to study the pattern of the symptoms too, while symptom is helpful to certain extent to rule in or rule out a diagnosis but it is the pattern of the symptoms that is more crucial and vital towards making a diagnosis, the pattern of your symptoms – the ones you have mentioned in your previous questions and the pattern of the symptom you have mentioned here (the flashes of light) – the pattern of none of these symptoms is pointing towards the possibility of any real brain pathologies, be it ms or other brain conditions like brain tumor or stroke or brain infections or any other, there is absolutely no suspicion for any brain pathologies in you, and these symptoms and their pattern is not indicative of any brain pathologies.

As mentioned above this could be migraine related (if you have headaches too), or migraine equivalents (if headaches are absent)

And regarding the treatments; yes please try the supplement regimen that was discussed earlier and it can significantly help, and also without any significant side effects too. If you feel Xanax is helping then you can try it too, provided not causing much drowsiness, if drowsiness is the issue you may try smaller doses too and see whether it is not causing drowsiness. If you feel the b12 is worsening the tingling then please avoid taking it and you may try other vitamins like folate, b6, b2 etc but without vitamin b12.

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