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Dr Subbanna MD
Dr Subbanna MD, Neurologist (MD)
Category: Neurology
Satisfied Customers: 5554
Experience:  American Board Certified Neurologist, Internal Medicine
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Tingling sensation all over the body, tinnitus, ear

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Tingling sensation all over the body, tinnitus, ear pressure, and dizziness/lightheartednesses. Took multiple MRIs (5-6 years ago), had lesions but neurologists determined it was NOT ms (after the lumbar tap and extensive blood work). Been taking Lyrica (100mg twice a day) for what they claimed was "fibromyalgia," but tingling never went away. Also, recently, I had this strange sensation of cold water running down my legs. This cold water sensation has spread all over my body. Dizziness and tinnitus have both gotten worse. Last time I met my neuro (about 6 months ago) he said to go take another MRI but I am quite scared for all this to turn out to be ms OR end up seeing more lesions... again, I don't know what's really wrong with me but things seem to be getting worse. FYI, met with ENT but didn't offer anything new but a "it could be Meniere's." Again, no confirmation of that.


Myself Dr Josh- and I’m happy to help with your question today.

Please provide me the following information so that I can address your concern-

Do you get dizziness with change in head movements?

Do you suffer from anxiety or severe stress?

Any ear infection?

Waiting for your reply…


Customer: replied 28 days ago.
No on head movement. No anxiety or stress. No ear infection.Are you familiar with ms and fibro?

Hi, I am an American Board Certified Neurologist with vast experience in diagnosing & treating all neurological as well as all other health/medical conditions. I had answered health questions for you before too and I am very glad to help you again with your health concerns. I see you have asked for a new professional, as a neurologist I frequently diagnose & treat this type of health situation, and I can certainly help you in this regard.

I am currently preparing & typing my answer and I will follow up with you very soon.

Best Regards!

Dr Subbanna MD

(Please note my previous user name at this site was “Neuro Doctor” and I have changed it to my last name as above)

I am almost done with my typing I will follow up with you very soon.

Best Regards!

I am sorry to hear you are having certain new symptoms as you have mentioned above, and also your previously existing symptoms have worsened

And you are concerned whether you are a case of ms

I remember I had discussed your case in detail in past, and it was concluded you were not having ms

While you were having several neurological appearing symptoms however based on several crucial observations it was concluded you were not a case of ms. Your mri scans too had not showed ms, and spinal tap also had ruled out ms

And I have reviewed your case again in detail and I still do not see the possibility of ms in you, in fact not at all.

While you are suffering from many symptoms and quite severe too, and affecting the quality of your life and you are recently have been having new symptoms too but you are certainly not a case of ms

The pattern of your symptom is not at all pointing towards any serious health conditions including ms etc

Please see for the purpose of making a diagnosis - it is the pattern of a symptom which is more important than the symptom itself - because it is the pattern of the symptom that provides the doctor very vital & crucial clues regarding what could be causing the symptom or symptoms. While you have symptoms as you have mentioned above but the pattern of your symptom is pointing towards some benign issues, and certainly not towards the possibility of any serious health issues like ms etc.

You have expressed your fear towards undergoing a repeat mri scan, but please see your mri scan is not going to show any ms for sure, because the pattern of your symptoms are not at all suspicious for conditions like ms

Coming to the management aspects - for the treatment of the tingling, cold water running feeling, tinnitus, dizziness etc you may try one or more of the following treatments;

Methyl Guard Plus (a combination pill containing active forms of vitamin b12, folate, vit b6, vit b2)


SAMe (S Adenosyl methionine)

5 HTP (5 Hydroxy Tryptophan)

Ginkgo Biloba




TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation)

CBT (Cognitive Behavioral therapy)

ACT (Acceptance & Commitment Therapy)

Mindfulness meditation




Medical devices such as CES (Cranial Electrotherapy Stimulation) etc

I am not telling all these above mentioned treatments are required in your case; I am trying to provide a list of the various treatment options like this so that you are familiar with various treatment options that are available for your condition and you may try to use them as necessary. If you see any of the above treatments you have already tried please disregard them and you may explore the treatment options which you may have not yet tried.

And also you may try to undergo a follow up mri scan and I am very confident it will never show ms, or any other serious conditions like brain tumors or strokes etc

Once again I can very categorially reassure you, there is absolutely no evidence for ms in you, there is not even an iota of doubt in this regard, and if you wish you can certainly try to undergo the mri scan and it is definitely not going to show ms, or any other serious health conditions like tumors or stroke etc, in the meantime you may try one or more of the above mentioned treatments to help in obtaining relief from the various symptoms you have been experiencing, but there is certainly no possibility of serious conditions including ms and the other conditions I have mentioned above, so please not to be scared.

Wishing you a quick & complete recovery! And also Wishing you the best health!

All the very best!

Please let me know if you have any additional questions or if you want to discuss this further. And please take a moment and kindly click a positive rating (preferably 5 Star/Excellent) to credit for the time & effort put by me in answering your health question, and this is the only way I will be credited for my service to you. If you have follow-up or additional questions you can ask them after the rating too!

Assuring you the best services!

Best Regards!

Dr Subbanna MD

Customer: replied 28 days ago.
I understand and appreciate you remembering me. I also understand that my symptoms are not in line with those of ms but it is becoming harder and harder to deal with some of these symptoms. Tinnitus and dizziness are constant and this cold water feeling on my legs are quite new and quite disturbing. And given my symptoms, which combination of supplements do you think will help most? I used to take xanax (when I first asked you questions) - which I discontinued 4 years ago due to bad side effects (it was tough to get rid of that habit) - which helped me with tinnitus BUT made me dizzy. I really need a solution... these immediate problems are making it near impossible to live well.
Customer: replied 28 days ago.
What do I do with this replicate? I think this is because I used two browsers... didn't even know I had two accounts...

Hi, I am really very sorry to fear about sufferings. I am typing now, I will follow up with you asap.

Best Regards!

About the two accounts, please see you need to contact the company directly and they will help you in this regard. All the administrative and technical issues are addressed by the company staff and please contact them directly and they will help you in this regard.

Coming to your health concerns, I am once again very sorry to hear about your major sufferings. As far as serious conditions like ms are concerned there are certainly no reason to fear about these conditions, now coming to the management of the severe symptoms you are having, you may please try one or more of the above treatments I had mentioned earlier above. All of them can work and if you want me to choose the first line options then you may consider trying a combination of Methyl Guard Plus + SAMe (S Adenosyl Methionine) + Theanine + Ginkgo Biloba, and all these can be combined without any fear since these are very commonly used nutritional supplements and they are found highly effective in treating the types of symptoms you are having. And the advantage of using these supplements is they are free of any significant or serious side effects too.

So you may try the above mentioned combination regimen of the supplements to help with your severe, annoying and torturesome symptoms.

Dr Subbanna MD, Neurologist (MD)
Category: Neurology
Satisfied Customers: 5554
Experience: American Board Certified Neurologist, Internal Medicine
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