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Dr Subbanna MD, Neurologist (MD)
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This is the bonus thread. I hate sometimes their interface.

This answer was rated:

This is the bonus thread.
I hate sometimes their interface.

Hello, if you have concerns about any technical issues/glitches etc please contact the company directly and they will try to help you.

Please let me know about your health questions.

And I also appreciate your efforts towards playing the bonus. I have made the rating available, but you can do it only when you are ready.

Best Regards!

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Customer: replied 28 days ago.
Yeah, nothing bad so far. I want to thank you so much for everything you did for me so far.
Honestly I am super reassured now. I still saw some reports on the internet with people with clean EMG and diagnosed after 8 months to one year. But Probably those are coincidences between BFS and MND. I see no technical explanaition for the twitches and EMG with no PSW/FIBS/Poly etc.But I will have to wait about 4-6 months to be completely reassured for this period :)I saw ALS patients which they don't twitch, so, life is unfair :D
Customer: replied 28 days ago.
I sent $50 via the phone call. Let me know if it reflects on you. Don't need to call me back just mark it there "ok"
Thanks :)

You are very welcome! I am encountering some technical issues now since I accepted the phone call offer, there are some formalities to be completed, I will f/u with you soon and explain. Also I will reply to your health questions shortly.

Let me answer your health concerns first;

Yes, you are spot on, those cases that initially had fasciculations but with normal neurological examination and normal emg test are just coincidental cases, these people initially had just BFS, or some kind of benign fasciculations but later developed mnd – only because they were destined to develop it, they would have developed mnd even if they had not manifested with the benign fasciculation initially, so it is pure coincidence.

Fasciculations due to benign conditions (BFS and other benign causes) is extremely common in the general population, and some of them may eventually go on to develop mnd, and these unfortunate patients start attributing their mnd with their initial and persistent benign fasciculations, but the truth is this is just oure coincidence.

MND as you already know is motor neuron disease, and this is a progressive degenerative disease of the motor neurons, and it is impossible for motor neurons to degenerate but manifest only with fasciculations. The motor neurons/motor nerve fibers supply the muscles and control the muscle strength and bulk, so it is impossible for muscles not to show obvious weakness and atrophy, and progressive in nature – if the motor neurons/motor nerve fibers are involved and just present with isolated fasciculations, so all these internet cases you mentioned are examples of coincidence for both benign fasciculations and later developing independent mnd.

If you have mnd then the emg test must show denervation potentials like fibrillation potentials and positive sharp waves etc, but you have none in your emg so you have no mnd/als

You can wait for few months and repeat another emg test, or any number of emg tests - but the tests are certainly expected to come normal because there is nothing in your history that is pointing towards the possibility of mnd/als.

Now to discuss about the technical issues;

Please see after accepting the phone call offer there are some formalities need to be done and explain the company why the actual phone call was done. I have mentioned to them that I accepted the phone call offer as per the wishes of the client. I will appreciate if you also could contact them and have a discussion with them about the technical glitches you had faced with giving the bonus and why the phone call offer was made etc

And the bonus you have mentioned has not reflected in my account, I am just mentioning it to you.

I meant above “why the actual phone call was not done” – sorry for the above typo.

Customer: replied 27 days ago.
Did you had the chance to get that $50 with the phone call? I am speaking with the support now.

Not yet. But no problems since Company is very prompt with all payments - it must be some kind of technical glitch.

Regarding the amount - please see we the experts are not supposed to discuss with the customers on issues involving the payments/money matters, amount of bonus etc - only you as the customer can discuss these issues with the Company. Just informing you.

Customer: replied 27 days ago.
Ok, I'll keep this in mind. sorry for this :(

It is fine, No problems, I was just informing!

Customer: replied 22 days ago.
Hi,How's going ? :Ddid you manage to receive my $50 bonus for the call ? If not I'll speak with the service guys. They shown that is ok on my side.Also, I just received the CPK and Troponin values from my blood tests...CPK 88 ( within the normal range )
Troponin T 0.01 (normal).No more diffuse twitches, calves still going like crazy, now I think they are like spasms as they're not those ALS specific visible under the skin level. Sometimes ( when I stay in certain positions ) It seems like it's moving the muscle.I got the zoloft prescription and I'll start on Monday.88 is indicative of absolutely no muscle wasting (It's not only mildly elevated) like in patients with ALS.My PCP told me I'm crazy, I agree with him. I think the spinal tap and biopsy it's not done from the list.
However, there's absolutely no evidence at this point. I'll let time to solve it.
PCP indicated I should take zoloft cause let's say even after 6 months when ALS will be completely ruled out (best case), something else will come back and rather than living in fear for things that we can't control (As even if it's ALS there's nothing I can do about, or a bus that can hit me tomorrow) I should treat the root cause.I hope that suggest more nice things.
Another EMG at 3 months might be reassuring 100% I think.Thanks!

Hello sir, welcome. Like I said before too we the exerts do not involve with money related matters, payment, bonus issues etc so please do not discuss these matters with the experts, if you have any questions about these matters please talk to the company directly. Just informing you, the Company is very prompt with all payments, so absolutely no problems.

Your blood tests are normal, your emg test too has come normal recently. Your neurological clinical examination has been coming normal too, so you certainly do not have mnd/als for sure.

Zoloft will hopefully help.

Best regards.