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I had an MRI for back and neck pain and the finding said

Customer Question

I had an MRI for back and neck pain and the finding said normal cfs signal with tiny tarlov cyst within the sacral canal at the S2-3 level. I have had on and off sciatic and tailbone pain my entire life and am really worried about this. The tailbone pain would come and go over the years as would the sciatica. What should I do? Can a cyst this just come and go?
Submitted: 9 months ago.
Category: Neurology
Expert:  dr abid replied 9 months ago.

Hi. I am Dr Abid.Welcome to Just Answer and thank you for the question.
I'm reviewing your question now and will post back with your reply.

Customer: replied 9 months ago.
Thank you
Expert:  dr abid replied 9 months ago.

A Tarlov cyst is basically a dilation of the nerve root sheath or outer covering of the nerve. Cerebral spinal fluid gets trapped inside the sheath and forms a cyst. The fluid in the cyst can put pressure on the nerve inside and on the adjacent nerve roots and in some cases produces symptoms of nerve compression , if patient is Asymptomatic than nothing to worry .

Because of the unclear pathogensis and pathophysiology of Tarlov cysts, there is no consensus on the optimal treatment of symptomatic sacral perineural cysts. Patients often choose to pursue treatment when the progression of neurological deficits seriously impacts their quality of life. Since cysts are innervated, microfenestration and surgical sleeving of the cysts to diminish the amount of accumulated cerebrospinal fluid and decrease compression of the spine and spinal nerves has been successful in a number of patients.

Cyst will not come and go it will be there and no need to do anything till symptoms are not there ...

Regards ***** ***** luck .

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Customer: replied 9 months ago.
if I have had this pain on and off over the years, chances are its not from this cyst since it wouldn't come and go? ALos the MRI was done on July. Is there a good chance that a cyst would grow that quickly to give me symptoms now?
Customer: replied 9 months ago.
Is there also any possibility that since they said Tiny tarlov cyst that its a misdiagnosis?
Expert:  dr abid replied 9 months ago.

Cyst is usually not misdiagnosed because , it is fluid filled sac that has typical appearance in MRI .

Its growth is not rapid , and very slow to no .

So you should keep eye on symptoms , and nothing special to do right now .

Good luck .

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Thanks .

Customer: replied 9 months ago.
Sorry to ask a follow up. I'm just very concerned. So if it was tiny in July it wouldn't be big enough to cause all sorts of symptoms in 3 months time? They grow more over years would you say? Or not every grow?
Expert:  dr abid replied 9 months ago.

In most of the cases their growth is very very slow even takes year to enlarge and produce symptoms .

And in some cases remain static .You shouldn't be concerned , its not so dangerous .


Customer: replied 9 months ago.
in one year I might be in sever pain or paralyzed?
Expert:  dr abid replied 9 months ago.

God for bid , nothing will happen , relax , if in some stage pain worse treatment is there ..

Relax .

Good luck .

Expert:  dr abid replied 9 months ago.

Any more quires ...