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Category: Neurology
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Experience:  Pulmonary/ Critical Care at Boston University
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I had polio as a 5 year old, realized some pst polio issues

Customer Question

I had polio as a 5 year old, realized some pst polio issues when about 35 and been on anti convulsive meds since I was 17. My problems today he developed increasingly in the last 4 years to the extent I can no longer drive and have one or more "epiodes" daily. These episodes seem to be triggered by my moving of my head and the computer. I have attempted to set one controls in place by wearing a neck support. It does not work all the time. I have seen 2 neurologists ho have no ideas. I have had a cat scan and Mr I. The mri did show my basil artery on my right side smaller in it's entire length and the one of my left side normal. So is it my cutting off the blood flow by moving my head or something Else? What can Ido 8 where can I go for help. Neither nnuovo gist thought it was related to my epilepsy which was a side effect of poliovirus.
Submitted: 10 months ago.
Category: Neurology
Expert:  DIEGO BONILLA replied 10 months ago.


This is Dr. Bonilla. I understand your concerns.

Do you have any other medical conditions? Do you take any medications. Can you describe those episodes?

Customer: replied 10 months ago.
Only other condition is I had 4 heart stents put in in 2011. They began with me usually in the kitchen and it appeared to me the center of the floor raised and prevented me from going forward, I could only go backward and sideways around the room. This only occurred once every couple months and started about 2010. Gradually this increased and in fact I was in hospital in 2011 when it occurred and when I rang for the nurse to say I could not get to the sink to wash my hands from the toilet she thought it had something to do with my blood pressure. I do take 8mg Candesartan daily. By 2014 my episodes seemed to involve weakness in my lower extremities and occurred monthly. In 2015 they increased to weekly. To date there are several occurrences daily. First thing up in the morning I know I have to be careful for a couple of hours and I do put on a soft foam neck collar, more to remind me not to make drastic head movements. I remove it in the evening.I recently had my eyes checked and there was nothing significant there but it does seem to be connected to rapid eye movement. For example, this past weekend I was making a strawberry pie. Slicing the strawberries was no problem but when it came to placing them in the pie shell individually I ended up with an episode which took me to the floor. I have never fainted but I imagine it is similar to fainting as my knees buckle and I go limp. My head is perfectly fine and I am aware of everything, however it is 13-15 minutes before I can sit up and then gradually stand up. Afterwards I am 'normal', although sometimes it does seem to take a lot of energy out of me for the rest of the day. Also, if I spend too much time (ie an hour or more) at the computer I get to a stage where I am pulling back from it and controlling the mouse is difficult and then I find I lean to the side and then I am dearly holding onto the chair for I know I am losing control of my body.As for medications I take Dilantin and phenobarb for my epilepsy; Plavix and a small beta blocker for my heart; calcium etc as I have osteoporosis as a result of taking Dilantin for over 50 years.
Expert:  DIEGO BONILLA replied 10 months ago.

The problem you described is concerning for a gait disturbance. The issue could be cause by neurological problems or medication side effects. For now the best is to have a full neurological assessment by a neurologist and a MRI of the brain if necessary. Further testing and treatment can be done depending on the results.

Let me know if you have any other questions.