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To give you some background I am 17 years old, mostly

Customer Question

To give you some background I am 17 years old, mostly healthy. I had an EEG and an MRI several months back which both came back fine. I suffer from OCD related tension headaches.
On the 15th i was in my fathers office looking for something. It was to dark so i decided to turn on my dads lamp. Its an archaic thing, built in the 1930's by my grandfathers sister and it is mostly copper. I grasped for the light switch, instead i accidentally touched the copper beam of the lamp. The moment i touched it my hand griped it. around four-five seconds passed till i relised that my hand was shacking. I queckly pulled away. Afterward i felt sick, extremely anxious and in a daze.
The next morning (16th) i woke up extremely anxious and a tad bit confused i felt as if i were confused. My parents brushed it off as anxiaty and stress nothing more. Later that day i had what seemed to be an allergic reaction to my lunch. I had red blotches all over my chest and neck. My face felt hot. At felix urgent care i received a 50mg Benadryl shot. Almost instantly i felt as if the space around me shifted. I felt taller soon after i got tired confused and disorientated. By the time i got to the car i fell "asleep" although i wasn't really asleep. I felt like i was slipping in and out of councousness the entire way home. It was as if half my brain had shut off. My muscles were limp and i was thinking strange things it was as if my mind was thinking by itself i had no control.
I then managed to walk into my room without falling and sleep. It was a dreamless sleep. When i woke up i was irritated. Every voice in the house made me angry i ended up cursing at my brother an mom witch i unlike me i would never be so rude. I engaged in short non sense conversations on and off i would talk about something that didnt make any sence then forget i was talking and ask what i was talking about. My head and neck viberated. My muscles were weak and my body felt jittery i wanted to sleep but i couldn't. The space around me was fluctuating i had trouble gauging distance to. Then i had a large panic attack that lasted till 12:00.
i woke up the next morning around 10:00am (17th) with severe confusion and de orientation. I was thinking non sense and couldn't construct a sentence. My muscles were weak again and i couldn't focus on reality and my head was vibrating. Fear set in again. I cried.. I never cry not even when terrible things happen i usually cope but i couldn't control my mind.
We called the Doc who ordered the injection. He told me that i was having some kind of allergic reaction and that i should take Zantac to help the bendaryl move through my system.
Later in the day it seemed to dissipate slightly.
(7:00pm ) But now its back and almost as bad as it was this morning. I took another Zantac but it hasn't done anything yet. I feel the viberations most in my teeth and nose.
Is this being caused (brains liberating again its as if i have small brain pins and needles) by the electric shock? And if so will it go away over time or am i in for some long term issues??
Or is this caused by the Benadryl and if so will it go away soon? Its been over 30 hours i believe since i was injected. Did this trigger long term side effects?
Did stress headaches have anything to do with this?
Or is this caused by a combination of all three things?
I just need help please i need to know whats going on i really don't want to live with this. Im having a very hard time writing this. I just need to know whats going on. Thank you so much for your time.
(PS: my dad parentally got shocked three times by that lamp)
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Neurology
Expert:  Dr. David replied 1 year ago.

Hello, this is Dr. David. I am reviewing your question now and will be with you momentarily.

Expert:  Dr. David replied 1 year ago.

it sounds like your anxiety symptoms are out of control

that lamp would not be causing your anxiety symptoms.

you need better treatments for your anxiety symptoms

are you taking medications to help decrease your anxiety symptoms?

your rash is not due to your brains.

the rash is most likely an allergic reaction or from a viral infection.

your anxiety can cause headaches and vibrations