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42 yr old male. Generally athletic and healthy, 5'9 170.

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42 yr old white male. Generally athletic and healthy, 5'9 170.History: Large arachnoid cysta left posterior fossa ( 3 inches), One white spot on right lobe near top center (neurologist thinks it was congenital) 2 herniated disc between C5 and C6 and C7; left tib fib fracture, tibial rod insert; right meniscus tear (still torn after 8 years); oral and genital herpes (contracted in 1995 and 1996, have had two genital outbreaks since 1996 and get an oral outbreak every 2-3 yrs (one last week healed in 7 days).About 1 yr ago I started having sharp pin pricks in my left foot, maybe once a month, for half a second. I did not think much of it. However, it started to become more frequent and recently has been an everyday occurrence in both feet and hands. It is not constant but happens 4-5 times a day, pain level 2-3. I have also had some full body, internal itchiness. sometimes the itchiness is full body, sometimes localized (e.g., thighs, abdomen, butt, head).Anyhow, I have been stressing a lot since learning about cyst on brain and white spot.I went to neurologist and we did standard neurological evaluation. pain, vibration, reflex and sensory test. CBC, B12, H A1c, Thyroid. All normal. slightly elevated A1c. Have NCS scheduled next week and Celiac test (runs in family).However, I am still having these problems. They have subsided in frequency and severity the last 3 days, but are not gone.The Neurological testing algorithm goes down a bleak path. ending in some pretty sever diseases (HIV, etc). know anxiety can do the same thing, but I am really nervous.Would appreciate a your thoughts.

If it is a neurological disease, it should be consistent. It seems to be psychological. Ypu should see your doctor or a psychiatrist.

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Customer: replied 9 months ago.
Thanks. It did conflagrate right after I learned about the brain cyst. I am really worried about that. What would consistent look like?
Customer: replied 9 months ago.
Also. I have trouble standing on one leg with eyes closed. I can do it with my eyes open but it's a struggle with my eyes closed. Can only stand for 9 to 20 seconds with my eyes closed. It takes more effort. Can stand perfectly still maybe 7-9 seconds.

Standing on one leg with eyes closed is difficult. I can not do it for 9-20 seconds. It is normal.