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Dr Stan
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I had asked about my daughter who had suffer a acute left

Customer Question

I had asked about my daughter who had suffer a acute left for frontal lobe attack. She had a crooked smile which had practically vanished in the last 48 hours. In this light how to interpret her speed of recovery. She has just been his shifted from the ICU to the ward
Submitted: 10 months ago.
Category: Neurology
Customer: replied 10 months ago.
The only viable sign of the stroke is weakness in the right hand fingers 50 percent
Expert:  Dr Stan replied 10 months ago.

Hello this is Dr. Stan and I will assist you with your question today. I am board certified and I have 40 years of patient experience. I will be happy to help you today. I'm very sorry to hear of your daughter's illness. From what you are saying about the remaining weakness, this is a good sign. She will need to continue with physical therapy, an anticoagulant medication (aspirin or more). In addition, the cause of her stroke needs to be eliminated so she doesn't have another one. It sounds like her prognosis is good and a full recovery is happening. I wish her a speedy recovery.

I am here to answer any additional questions you may have. Thank you for allowing me to provide assistance. I hope your medical problem(s) are resolved soon and you feel better. If you find the information I provided helpful, please kindly rate me 5-Stars. Thank you

Customer: replied 10 months ago.
The doctors are trying to find the cause but have not been able to find any.
As a father I am concerned for her life after the attack. How normal will her life be if her recovery is what I am saying. Let me tell you more of her state.
Her speech is normal. She can walk perfectly. No other viable body function impaired. Her bowel movemnet is normal. She is a student doing Chartered accountancy and only the last exam remains.
Will she an e to complete the same and drive and resume normal life and how much time will she take to recover. As stated she is only 25 years of age. Please help us to prepare for her future and precautions to be taken. Reagards
Expert:  Dr Stan replied 10 months ago.

As a parent myself, I empathize with you. Her life should be 100% normal after recovery if she continues to improve with her physical therapy. The younger people are after having a stroke, the faster the recovery. Since she is walking, talking, has normal bowel and bladder function, she should recover close to or at 100%. Since her only residual effect of the stroke is some weakness in her right hand, this should correct in 4-6 weeks or sooner. I wish her every success and I hope her doctors can come up with a cause of this unfortunate slight set back.