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Because of chronic cluster headaches over 8 years came a

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because of chronic cluster headaches over 8 years came a reaction when a doctor started winding down fentanyl patch . Severe pain came again , and self-harm occurred . I had to get hurt one else. I could not stand . Therefore swallowed I at 10-11 occasions lithium small round batteries. It meant that I uploaded and had hurt one other sted.Etter one bout where I hit my head on the wall , I got brain hemorrhage . Equally Vell continue the escalation . Because these batteries in my throat did damage I have trouble drinking and eating . Eating a small dinner takes me about 3-4 tima . Drinking also offers problem . The last few months I lost 35 kg . Now put the food itself born in the neck and knows one meal I must break me / kasteopp least 10-15 times because it is stuck in the throat. Now it Velsen difficult to eat and drink .Which alterative I have everything ? What to do?Greeting hungry 30 year old

Hello. Sorry to hear about this. You should discuss with your doctor the placement of a G-tube. This is the most common type of feeding tube. G-tubes are placed through the abdominal wall into the stomach. This sounds scarier than it is. The G-tube surgery can be performed in three ways: surgically through small incisions using a laparoscope, surgically using a larger open incision, or endoscopically using a scope into the stomach to create the opening from the inside. The endoscopic method has become the method of choice at many hospitals. Through this tube you can supplement what you eat through your mouth. You can feed the stomach directly with calorie-***** *****quids that can help you to gain weight and feel healthier.

Customer: replied 11 months ago.
Og jesus!! What about fix the esofagos?

The esophagus can sometimes be opened up with a balloon that is placed endoscopically and then inflated. This carries some risks, of course, and the narrowing may recur months later. This would be a reasonable option to discuss first.

Customer: replied 11 months ago.
What Are the risk about the ballon? Can they do that møre than once time?

They can do it as many times as they feel the esophagus can handle. If the wall of the tube is thinned or damaged it could rupture.

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