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Anthony Bray, MD
Anthony Bray, MD, Doctor
Category: Neurology
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I have migraine associated vertigo and was wondering if

Customer Question

Hi I have migraine associated vertigo and was wondering if Xanax is effective for vertigo and is it also effective for anxiety that is associated with that condition cause the condition has caused me to have severe anxiety out of fear the vertigo is going to come back. Not even sure if the vertigo is actually anxiety related or if it really is migraines...I don't get headaches that often
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Neurology
Expert:  Anthony Bray, MD replied 1 year ago.


The Xanax would help anxiety symptoms -- yes to that ...

It may help reduce vertigo severity but may not eliminate that symptom...

There are different causes of vertigo and duration of that symptom is more likely to depend on your cause ( similar as to severity ) BPPV= Benign Positional Vertigo -- usually transient lasting less than 30 minutes usually _( brought on by change in head position)

Viral labyrinthitis = viral infection causing inflammation of inner ear -- generally 1 to 2 weeks severe vertigo with that

ENT might treat with ANTIVERT to diminish severity symptoms here

VESTIBULAR NEURITIS ...nerve inflammation related to sense of position/ balance

Meniere's disease -- more chronic and relates to too high pressure sure of fluid in inner ear --- vertigo+tinnitus (ringing in ear) +some effect on hearing is usual with that diagnosis --- treatment with a diuretic ...

If symptoms are severe lasting --- seek evaluation by ENT specialist.

In meantime Xanax may help dampen symptom of vertigo...but cure it -- no to that

I hope that this information is helpful for you

Let me know if you have further questions or concerns

I will be happy to get back with you

If my answer has been helpful and to your satisfaction then please remember to leave positive feedback

Thank you and Best Regards,

Anthony Bray MD

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
can anxiety cause vertigo
Expert:  Anthony Bray, MD replied 1 year ago.


Possible cause but more usually vertigo relates to the inner ear function in some fashion..

I have seen a few cases clearly related to anxiety such as one patient whom ONLY had vertigo sense in crowd...

Valium is often helpful as aid to diminish the severity of this symptom and Xanax is same family of medication...

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
valium is better to take than xanax?
Expert:  Anthony Bray, MD replied 1 year ago.

Hello again,

Not necessarily BUT VALIUM used in setting of vertigo symptom MORE OFTEN , more routinely... yes to that..

Migraines would have their own set of acute treatments and if FREQUENT >> PREVENTIVE medications may be used ...

Expert:  Anthony Bray, MD replied 1 year ago.

Xanax and Valium are both benzodiazepine class and so work by same mechanism....

Expert:  Anthony Bray, MD replied 1 year ago.

Do you have headache now or doing OK as far as that symptom is ???

Expert:  Anthony Bray, MD replied 1 year ago.

Xanax should definitely help as to anxiety/fear...

Should help to degree if vertigo even of inner ear cause... it would tend to diminish intensity of the symptom...

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
no headache which is good. can xanax worsen vertigo though or cause it? I want to make sure cause i am going to take it tomorrow
Expert:  Anthony Bray, MD replied 1 year ago.

Hello again,

No I would NOT expect that it would make VERTIGO worse > No to that ...

Xanax is a sedative type of medicine and so a general admonition as to "dizziness" or feeling light headed is possible...