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Can a blood clot travel from my left arm to my left leg? The

Customer Question

Can a blood clot travel from my left arm to my left leg? The reason I'm asking is on Sunday I had an IV in my arm for a couple of hours where I was given a bag of saline. Monday evening I started having a tingling in my arm going down to my hand. I woke up Tuesday morning with my hand slightly swollen, the arm was painful, and I could not make a fist. I went to urgent care and they said there was an infection and they gave me antibiotics. I rested, took the antibiotics, and kept the arm elevated for most of the day, which got rid of the swelling and I had more movement in my hand. I followed up with my PCP later that afternoon and after inspecting the arm (which include a lot of pressing and squeezing), he said I didn't have an infection but that the IV fluid was causing the swelling and it would go away on its own. The funny thing is immediately after leaving his office my arm got rapidly better and in within in hour the pain was gone and I could make a fist again.
But then my left leg started giving me trouble. Out of nowhere my calf got really tight and I can't really walk on it. It feels okay when I'm lying down but as soon as I started to stand I feel the tightness and pain. I woke this morning and it has not improved. There is no discoloration or excess warmth and I can't really see any swelling. The main reason I'm concerned is that this happened just as my arm rapidly improved and I don't see I could have injured it.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Neurology
Expert:  DoctorAnil replied 1 year ago.


But from what you describe it is less likely that a blood clot has moved to left leg from your arm.

It seems more likely to be a muscular issue or lumbar radiculopathy.

If you notice any localised swelling or discolouration or acute pain in leg you may undergo a colour doppler study of the leg.

I hope this helps

Expert:  DoctorAnil replied 1 year ago.

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