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Have spinal cord injuies cervical collapsed spine pinched

Customer Question

have spinal cord injuies cervical collapsed spine pinched nerve and bulging disc right side numn right thigh.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Neurology
Expert:  Dr. David replied 1 year ago.

This is Dr. David

I am sorry you continue to have numb right thigh after having cervical fusion surgeries.

it could be coming from pinched nerve in your neck or lower down in your lower back.

you probably can't get more surgery to your neck

have you had an MRI scan of your lower back to check for pinched nerve or slipped disk in your lower back?

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
i did have a mri done on lower lumbar back and a nuero m. d. at st. lukes hospital said i had a very badly pinched nerve in lower spine. dr.melisa macias said to get trigger point shots on a regular basis ,but it is getting worse. i would also like to know how my middle and lower spine collapsed after my first surgery. i had to have a second surgery done by a second spine surgeon on my c-3, c-7 cervical spine again.he has no clue as to why it happened. i also had right rotator and bicep tear before any cervical spine operations could my orthopedic doctor have caused damage to my cervical spine by twisting or contorting me during surgery. after 6 weeks of rotator surgury, i complained of pain of right trapeze with pain shooting down my right back and down my right arm weakness also in my fingers l-r.I complained to orth-docter and he asked me if I felt tingling in my fingers and I said with an emphatic Yes! and he did not say a word! After agonizing pain for 7 months or so, i saw a different orthopedic surgeon,Dr. dopirac and he was very upset and asked me if previus ortho-surgeon asked me if ortho-surgeon who did rotator cuff surgery if he had asked me about tingling fingers and pain shooting down whole back and arms and i said yes he did. and he gave no answer.Dr. dopirik was very upset. do you think ortho-Dr. had something to do with cervical spine injury during his rotator cuff surgery and that is why he didint reply with an answer thinking his surgery technique or something he may have done is the reason for my spine prblems in the first place ,and he is maybe hoping i dont go back to see last 2 surgeries in cervical area by 2 different spine surgeons have been failures also i have a long bruise down middle of cervical spine after 2 surgery, causing me to lose my balance 2 surgeon who performed surgery cant tell me how the bruise happened after surgery either. I want to send all records x-rays upper ,mddle, lower imaging to a spine expert and tell me after investigating all four ortho and spine surgeons who is responsible for all of my spine issues. can you refer me to a expert in orthopedic-spine area? I
would like for this to be examined to know the real cause and truth as to what happened. your referral would be much appreciated. I smell a dirty rat or rats who are covering something up when all i needed was a routine rotator cuff surgery that turned into a fiasco.
Expert:  Dr. David replied 1 year ago.

best thing is to see a new spine orthopedic doctor at a large university setting to have your records reviewed

are you close to a large university medical center hospital?