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Dr. Mark
Dr. Mark, Neurologist (MD)
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I am confused by my symptoms and need some help please. I

Customer Question

I am confused by my symptoms and need some help please. I have consulted a nuerolgist but not happy with the appraoch.So heres my story -Around 6-8 months back I had a strange NUMB sensation on my nose. I kind of ignored it because I had three abscessed tooth on my left side, thought the numbness was due to that. It gradually went away and I forgot about it.Fast forward last month, my daughter fell sick and I was going through some extreme stress. I started getting the numb feeling again, now going upto my left temple. There is a pressure from my nose to the left temple with numbness and sometimes tingling.Then suddenly a tinnitus set in my left ear, loud high pitch. Also had a strange burning tongue symptom.I got scared and went to ENT who took a hearing test and told me I did not have hearing loss. He blamed it all on my abscessed tooth and said to goto dentist. Which I did and she referred me to a maxofacial surgeon who got all the three tooth pulled out.I was given intravenous anesthesia and also local anesthesia during the process.
After recovery the tinnitus has not gone away, and the sensations are becoming worse and weird day by day.Heres what I am experiencing -
(1) Numb sensation on my nose to my left temple sometimes it goes up between my eyebrows as well!
(2) Tenderness of scalp
(3) Burning on the left side of my mouth and tongue
(4) Dull pain on my face, very sensitive if I touch. Same on both my ears
(5) Jaw seems still a bit inflamed. Tooth healing has gone well, jaw filling up fast.
(6) Strange itching sensation on my face, eyes. Also on my body legs, arms etc(7) Strange burning on my lips at times, again come and vanishes(7) Strange pressure in ears - some and vanishes
(8) Shaky chilly feeling and weak in legs/arms at times, specially at night
(9) Pain in my neck and shoulders(10) Some people have told me I have trigerminal nueralagia, but I do not have electric shock or pain, just a strange numb sensation and burning. And strange itch (pins) here and there on my body and face. (like inside ear or even on eyes)These symptoms are weird, they change and come and go. I am confused, everybody I see says I got anxiety, but I am feeling these physical symptoms. My neurologist has told me my MRI is normal - no MS or tumor. And also ran a test to rule out Carpal tunnel and nerve function in my hands/legs/ One of my legs has reduced sensitivity.He has prescribed Vistrol and Cleaphanzom, but I am not happy with his approach and feel hes not finding out whats really wrong with me. Really scared because of this symptoms....Please help.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Neurology
Expert:  Dr Chaithanya replied 1 year ago.
I totally understand your concernI'm Dr Chaithanya attending youI will explain you in detailAre you interested in phone call offer?I can call you discuss about this