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A friend had a fall at work, apparently included hitting the

Customer Question

A friend had a fall at work, apparently included hitting the back of his head. It has been a few months and doctors can't tell him what is wrong. He has severe pain in his back, butt and legs. It is only relieved somewhat by lying down.
Mri's(3 of back), Ct scan of head, EMG/NCV all come back negative. Pain clinic injections are not helping much. He can't walk very far and standing for 5 minutes starts numbness and tingling in feet/legs. Also had arm issues at first but that has improved pretty much. He had been a very active 55 yr old man, full time job, always doing things for everyone else(fixing anything, installing ceiling fan, water heater, etc)
Was very happy go lucky and very active. Now can barely do anything because of the pain mostly in lower back, butt and legs. VERY DEPRESSED at this point as ortho, neuro and pain specialist cannot diagnose and help. Any idea what this could be and what he should do next? Hope you can be of some help. It is very hard to see him this way. Thank you. Joyce
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Neurology
Expert:  vakularen replied 1 year ago.
Hi,I am Dr. Aren and I will help with your query.Secondary brain injury due to traumatic brain injury caused by blunt injury or fall may occur without any obvious physical deficit or injury.This can occur due to a shake up or disturbance between nerve endings of neurons,edema,ischaemic injury and neurotransmitter release imbalance,biochemical disturbances due to the diffuse injury of the brain tissue inside a hard shell .In such states it is difficult to predict the extent of the diffuse injury and the time required for recovery.Very often,it is best to follow up regularly with the neurophysician and allow the body to gradually heal itself.