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I have had a syrinx at T4 for 20 years It was first

Customer Question

I have had a syrinx at T4 for 20 years It was first diagnosed about 15 years ago by MRI.Because it caused chronic, distracting severe pain, I was treated with oxycontin for 17 years. In 2012 a chiropractic treatment ruptured the syrinx (an increase in size was verified by MRI) and the pain increased 3 fold.
More recently a gentle Shiatsu treatment again resulted in increased pain. Because of the Federal crackdown on prescriptions of opioids, My PCP can no longer prescribe pain meds.
After the incident in 2012, I researched other global pain therapies. I was able to create a protocol for detoxing from opioids without the usual traumatic symptoms. Tested for opioids and shown to be opioid free. SPECT brain scans were done to determine the damage resulting from long term use of opioids. Since then i have adhered to a diet which supports brain stem cell regeneration and melanin sheath growth. My intellect is improving. I am now trying CBD for pain control, but it is too sedating. THC makes me dizzy and does not control my pain.
I am a scientist. All of this is well documented. I think that we are at a crossroads where we are discarding our most potent method of pain control. Research has shown that DHA can protect athletes from damage from concussion. I would like to show that we can PROTECT the brain from damage by opioids and facilitate pain control without the concerns of addiction and brain damage.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Neurology
Expert:  khagihara replied 1 year ago.

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