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I have had numbness in my left heel days. I have tried

Customer Question

I have had numbness in my left heel for 60 days. I have tried resting it, ice, and prednisone. Initially I began to lose feeling after bowling one game. Then I had some shooting pain and discomfort from the knee down. I went to a doctor and he gave me prednisone pills. I went to an orthopedic since the thought was that that the growth behind my right knee was causing my nerve to compress. I received a cortisone shot and was told I could do my normal activity. I tried bowling one game and ended up with a lot of pain going up and down my lower right leg. It lasted six hours. I then went to another orthopedic and he sent me to a neurologist that tested me for a nerve problem coming from my back and that came back normal. The orthopedic now thinks that a knee replacement will release the nerve issue. His thoughts are that the bad knee I have which includes a lot of bone ware, no cartilage, and lot of arthritis is causing the nerve to compress. He wants to do a Knee replacement. He cannot guarantee that the knee surgery will fix the compressed nerve. My concern is, that if I wait that long and the knee surgery does not fix the nerve problem, will I have permanent nerve damage.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Neurology
Expert:  Dr. Frank replied 1 year ago.
Hello welcome to JA. Your orthopedist is correct, you are having pain, the fibers of which are part of the tibial/popliteal nerve as it passes behind your knee. He thinks you have a baker's cyst which is compressing the nerve. The pain fibers are thinly myelinated tiny fibers that share space with the larger, thickly myelinated motor and sensory fibers. Your EMG test looked at nerve conduction (motor and sensory) across the nerve segment in contact with the baker's cyst, and with the needle exam, looked specifically at motor fibers that pass in that segment. If all of that was normal, then the nerve is at present unlikely to show serious injury. I would need to look at the EMG report to tell you more, the conductions, the H reflexes (tibial)? the needle exam report. I can add more if you send information, or I can call you as well to discuss. If interested in the phone call, just put your number and a time to call in the box. Upload the EMG report using the paperclip icon if you have it. I will reply to your questions. Dr Frank