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My wife has been suffering vertigo for many months, she has

Customer Question

My wife has been suffering vertigo for many months, she has been to several specialist and it is getting worse. MRIs, MRAs, Blood work, heart echo, 48 hour heart monitor, inner ear testing, several medications, did everything we have been told to do...She was treated for benign positional vertigo, had tubes placed in both ears, and had the steroid perfusion procedure in Dec. This last procedure has made her worse...I'm watching her eyes, the pupils are continually focusing (large to small) while she is fixed on one object, that is what she has been saying for some time, she can actually feel them moving and when she is out in public some stores make her dizzier than others and she keeps saying that it feels like it is in her eyes. Her focus keeps coming and going rapidly. What can and should we try now? Is there a certain eye specialist we should try? I've video taped the eye movement for a reference.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Neurology
Expert:  vakularen replied 1 year ago.

Hello,I am Dr. Aren and I will help with your query.The problem appears to be related to the oculomotor system and the vestibular part of the inner would be prudent to get a thorough investigation of the vestibular apparatus ,this will include /Electro/Video-Nystagmography,rotating chair test ( also called Sinusoidal harmonic Acceleration/SHA),Vestibular Evoked Potential testing and other modalaties as required by the expert ENT doctor who routinely handles vestibular testing in Tertiary referral hospitals like teaching hospitals.You can ask your PCP/ENT specialist to make a referral to such a centre where detailed and precise testing will help reach a diagnosis.