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Dr. Frank
Dr. Frank, Board Certified Physician
Category: Neurology
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Experience:  Board certified general Adult Neurologist, with experience in experimental neuroimaging and neurodiagnostics.
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I've been having back pains and it especially hurts when I

Customer Question

I've been having back pains and it especially hurts when I stretch each side and then I have pains on my left side that move around.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Neurology
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
I'm a hypochondriac as well and super from anxiety so I'm freaking out about it bc I'm worried something is wrong internally and also I spend most of my time standing up I'm a bartender and then as well as sleeping and laying down.
Expert:  Dr. Frank replied 1 year ago.

Hello. Welcome to JA. I am an Adult US trained Board Certified Neurologist and can answer your question. Tell me about your back pain. As you mentioned you are a bartender, it is directly related to working the bar, or do you walk around and stretch? When is it worse, towards the end of the day (your shift?), or do you wake with back spasm. Does it shoot into your leg? Is there any position you note where it is worse? Pain with coughing sneezing, pain with prolonged sitting? Any numbness anywhere on your thighs, lower legs or feet? So by your pain with stretching, do you mean your oblique muscles of the abdomen, or the larger paraspinal muscles like erector spinae and the trapezius muscles lower down? Are you overweight or in good shape? Any family history of osteoarthritis? Do you get more back pain with menses? Let me know as much as you can and I will reply? Have you tried anything for this, or had an evaluation by a doctor? MRI? EMG? Dr Frank

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Yesterday got worse when the night went on I also do heavy lifting. I do not have any shooting pain down my leg nor any numbness in those areas. I have no pain when I cough or sneeze. The paraspinal muscles I guess. Right now I have a soreness under my left shoulder blade. I'm not overweight but I rarely work out. I don't have a family history of that.
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
I've super worried something is wrong with me internally
Expert:  Dr. Frank replied 1 year ago.

So your situation appears to be one of back spasms rather than "radiculopathic pain". That obviously comes from your job, the prolonged standing and the lifting. Without any "lancinating" pain but only the dull nagging soreness and stiffness in the paraspinal areas, you need to try to build strength and range of motion of those muscles with a daily stretch and strengthening program, trying to build your "core" muscles. So Physical Therapy or working out in a gym with a trainer to get you to build your core muscles can help. As these muscles strengthen, they enlarge the spaces between the vertebra, protecting the smaller "dorsal roots" from the spinal nerves which innervate the back muscles. This is where back spasms start. Medications for this type of problem are NSAID's or Cox 2 inhibitors. Meds like Aleve OTC, there are a host of prescription meds that are similar and stronger like meloxicam, diclofenac, celecoxib, etc. There are also muscle relaxer medications for the paraspinals. The most common is Flexeril (cyclobenzaprine), or Soma (carisoprodol) but they have side effects, you have to take caution if mixing with alcohol, etc. Conditions in your age and gender group include disorders like fibromyalgia which gives you discreet "tender points" like what you are describing under your shoulder blade, but given your occupation and the work you have lifting, I would say less unlikely. What do you mean "wrong internally"" If this is back pain, do you mean your kidneys? Do you have a history of UTI's (urinary track infections) or a family history of kidney stones? Let me know how I can help. Dr frank

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
I have no family history of those problems and never had a uti's before. It's like I get weird aches and pains along my back left side and then moves under my left rib. On occasion but not very often I have my right side hurting
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
It does not hurt when I pee. Or sting or my urine has not changed.
Expert:  Dr. Frank replied 1 year ago.

So I would not worry about internal problems giving you these pains, that is unlikely unless you have had a major change in energy or cannot get up out of bed, fever/chills, change in bowel habits. etc. If you feel you have wandering pains in the muscles of the lower back, the upper back and along the rib cage, also joints pain, problems sleeping, poor energy, etc. I would suggest you seek out a rheumatologist to discuss muscle pain (diffuse myalgias). These "side" pains are commonly oblique muscle strains that comes from lifting, and nothing more. Dr Frank