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My wife had a c3-4 fusion a year ago. Since then she is

Customer Question

My wife had a c3-4 fusion a year ago. Since then she is experiencing more pain and discomfort after the fusion than she was prior to. She has been seeing a pain management doctor and he ordered an x-ray and a MRI to see what is going on. We met with him
yesterday, and all of a sudden he was not very informative, and he simply said we needed to go back to the surgeon, but he would do some shots for the time being. Well I demanded that my wife call the surgeon and make an appt, so she called while we were in
the car headed back home. They started to put her off and say there wasn't any available appts. But I yelled out and demanded an appt. believe it or not they made an appt for us today. after meeting with the surgeon and him seeing the x-ray and the MRI he
was very weird. normally he is very confident and secure with his actions and his demeanor but this time is was different. He didn't like what he saw and almost immediately recommended that we get a 2nd opinion. and then he asked us to see a different pain
management doctor. and then ordered a cat scan and a lower MRI. He said he wanted to think about whom he wanted to refer to for a day or so. But before we left his office he came up with a nuerological surgeon that trained him... He had mentioned that he wanted
us to climb the ladder and go to the top. Go to the top of the top, and he would think about who that was, but he came up with a name before we left. I am skeptical, I want to know who can offer me the names of the best nuerological surgeons in the country,
some that will read these MRI's and give me some straight advice as to what really needs to happen next. I don't know if i need an attorney or if I should just listen to him. But I am very skeptical of some of the things and the way things were explained today.
1. suggestion was surgery and with that he meant to remove the fusion from c3-4 and make a solid fusion from c3-6... next was to just have shots, and the other was to get a 2nd opinion... all this seems strange to me. she is in severe pain in her left arm
and has tingling in her right leg. she can barely turn her neck to the left, (so little that I won't let her drive) and we travel last week in a car for 4 hours and she couldn't sit still in a car or more than 45min. remember again this fusion took place sept
22, 2014 over a year ago.. Im looking for advice and direction
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Neurology
Expert:  DrRussMd replied 1 year ago.


I don't think there is anything strange

Why don't you type in the MRI report?