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Dr. Frank
Dr. Frank, Board Certified Physician
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Experience:  Board certified general Adult Neurologist, with experience in experimental neuroimaging and neurodiagnostics.
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I am experiencing pain about 2 inches above the knee to the

Customer Question

Hello Dr Frank I am experiencing pain about 2 inches above the knee to the right. The pain is very sharp and excruciating it only last for approximately 20 to 30 seconds there is no swelling nor is it warm to touch it also doesn't hurt when I apply pressure to it. This has been going on for about 5 days now it seems to be worse in the evening, not necessarily at rest it also happens quite often every 4 or 5 minutes but not always that frequent . Have you any idea what can be causing this ? I have also fibromyalgia but the pain is not the same .
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Neurology
Expert:  Dr. Frank replied 1 year ago.

Hi. The fact that you do not have pain when you apply pressure, and that it is 2 inches above your knee (when your leg is extended or straight, not bent like sitting in a chair, correct?) suggests that it is a partial tear of the quadriceps tendon. The quad tendon comes from the union of all four of the quad muscles as they come together to join in and around the patella. This type of injury is a repetitive strain injury, certainly your fibromyalgia can make your tendons vulnerable to this type of injury. The very sharp quality and point tenderness comes from touching the partially torn tendon fibers on end. The fact that there is no swelling suggests to me that this is not a ligamentous or meniscal injury to the structures inside the knee capsule as you would produce excess fluid in response.

Expert:  Dr. Frank replied 1 year ago.

Also on the right and above the knee, next to the quadriceps tendon insertion in the tensor fascia lata, a tendonous sheath that defines the lateral side of your thigh, and inserts into the head of the fibula and lateral collateral ligaments on the lateral border of the knee. The tensor fascia feels like a tight sheath of tissue running on the lateral side of the thigh, and the pain would be just medial to it, on the quad tendon itself.

Expert:  Dr. Frank replied 1 year ago.

Expert:  Dr. Frank replied 1 year ago.

Here is a webpage of information on this condition. The basic tenant is RICE, rest the tendon (stay off it as much as possible), Ice the area over the first 72 hours, you may be past that at 5 days, but you could still try ice to get a feel if it responds, if not then just use elevation and compression (you need an ace wrap or knee support for this). Please get back to me to discuss, or if satisfied, please rate my answer as that is how I am compensated for this work. thanks *****

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Thanks for your input, that is sort of what I thought I had done some research on line about this . The difference being is that it happens even when I am sitting ,laying down or standing.
Expert:  Dr. Frank replied 1 year ago.

By saying "it happens" do you mean when you touch it it hurts in that one spot, or something else? Maybe I missed your point. Dr Frank