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My son is 20. Over the past year he has had dizzyness, so

Customer Question

My son is 20. Over the past year he has had dizzyness, so far diagnosed as vertigo. He feels like in a constant "fog" more than dizzy. Recently, over the past couple months, he gets spells where he feels like he is going to pass out, and sometimes feels very tired. But they dont last long. We cant seem to narrow down to diet or anything. We have recently gone to ENT for inner ear tests, Neurologist for MS check and MRI of brain. All come back negative. I need to find a new doctor which I plan to do tomorrow because our PC as of last week put him on Zoloft (he believes its anxiety.. whcih Im not against, because my son is a worrier, especially cause he thinks he is dying from this). Im concerned that our PC has not ordered blood tests, or heart related tests. He JUST came downstairs saying he was lying in bed watching TV, felt dizzy and flushed.. felt like he was going to passout. It lasted about 20-30 seconds and he was fine, other than now stressing about that episode. I'm wondering what our next steps should be. It is effecting his quality of life, he worries about it all the time, and of course I'm very concerned as his dad!
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Neurology
Expert:  Dr. Ravoof replied 1 year ago.

Dear customer,

Thanks for your question.

You have done all the correct things by consulting a neurologist and an ENT surgeon. However as your doctor said this could be due to anxiety as well. But as you are rightly concerned a complete blood count is essential as well as heart related tests to rule out disturbances in the rhythm of the heart which may cause dizziness lasting for several seconds or longer. The next step would be to have basic investigations such as complete blood count, a fasting blood glucose, and an electrocardiogram to be done. Based on the results your doctors can proceed further.

Take care.