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Dr. Rick, MD
Dr. Rick, MD, Board Certified MD
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A question to any specialist doctor who has been ever

Customer Question

A question to any specialist doctor who has been ever contacted by insurance company as part of underwriting process.
Do they usually request all of your notes on the patient, or only notes, or even a statement that concerns a specific question?I have been seeing a neurologist for migraines for some years, and I take specific medication off-label that insurance needs confirmation that I have been struggling with my condition for ears and tried everything under the sun.But when I requested this doctors notes for myself, they contained all sorts if stupid crap that I might have been going through in my life. For whatever reason this doc was finding it necessary to document every single bit of my life.
For example when I had DUI (DWI) he gave me diagnosis as alcoholism needing treatment, but layer was stating that I do not use alcohol as part if my life.
And while insurance knows I had DUI, I did stated that no medical professional recommended me alcohol treatment.
(When I had that DUI every creature under the sun was telling me something about alcohol, but the fact that I never had alcoholism remains. Never missed a day at job because of it or got fired or had an altercation with anybody).
And there are other things there that really look damming in doctor's notes. Particularly things I told him. Just like to a friend.What recourse do I have to limit disclosure of that irrelevant to my treatment information -- can those parts be simply blacked out?Or can my doctor choose to answer by a summary of the notes reflecting only my migraine condition, explaining it, for example, by the fact that the note contain psychotherapy information, which I believe is protected a bit more that medical notes, is it?The doctor is in California, I am now resident of New York, just in case this metered.
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Neurology
Expert:  Dr. Rick, MD replied 2 years ago.

Hi. My name is***** and I am online and available to help you today. Thank you for your patience.

Question and answer is just one of the services I offer. I can also provide you with additional services, such as live telephone or skype consultation, at a small additional cost. Let me know if you are interested.

What type of insurance are you dealing with?

Do you have any other medical problems or take any medications?

This is not an answer, but an Information Request. I need this information to answer your question. Please reply, so I can answer your question. I look forward to helping you.

Customer: replied 2 years ago.
I take bunch of medications, I've quite a story.
The insurance is actually going to be through a broker trying to find an underwriter (insurer) who would give the highest medical rating. The type insurance is life, but it's actually a retirement savings vehicle, the insurance in just for $350k or something. I don't even know why they care so much, but there is a real life insurance there and they need to keep it this way ...
Before we further, what kind if doctor are you?
Expert:  Dr. Rick, MD replied 2 years ago.

Thank you for that additional information.

I am a retina surgeon.

Usually they have a set of questions they want answered, although they sometimes want the entire medical record.

You have no recourse in limiting what part of your medical record is sent to the insurance company once you give a release.

The insurance company can ask to look at anything they want as a condition of insuring you in most cases.

Does this make sense to you?

Don't forget to mash the positive (excellent is the most fun to push) feedback button.....without this important step on your part the funds you left on deposit are not released and my kids will spend another cold winter barefoot ;)

It's safe for you to press the positive feedback button now if you so desire. And, never fear, even after you press that button I don't go up in a puff of smoke -- I'll still be right here to continue helping you, but, as I do work for tips, I want to make sure you are happy before rating me.

Dr. Rick MD FACS

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Or, Mr. Retina Surgeon, I am sure your kinds are better off than that prognosis. I will give you a great rating but you gotta give me more info.
So lets see what you can answer. Please indicate where you have direct on a subject, indirect from somebody and whether they are competent or just know by chance, or you simply making a rational, educated conclusion/guess. OK?
I guess it depends on the branch of medicine.
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
try to put a neurologist hat as much as it is possible for you. Neurologists are in most states need to have cross-training in psychiatry to be state-licensed, just to establish this. One neurologist is migraine specialist. Another one is wide profile, but his shtick is postmarking trials of various new and new-ish, relaunched for a new indication drugs
Expert:  Dr. Rick, MD replied 1 year ago.

I have have direct on a subject

Not sure what your final statement is all there a question?

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
The migraine neurologist types notes into computer during the appointment and mixes up psychotherapy records with medical records. He is actually famous in the field of migraines but provokes people to talk about personal things and records them as visit records.
For example, when I had DUI/DWI, he wrote me diagnosis, in the context of migraine treatment two visits in a row, that My diagnosis was alcoholism in an urgent need of treatment. Yet in subsequent notes he stated that I has chosen and was living without alcohol completely, not that I was a big user until than, given the fact that I always was under the threat of migraine triggers which alcohol is one of the big ones. So his notes are inadequate to just describe my migraine struggles which I needny