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Right TKR done May 2024. Have popping any clicki g when

Customer Question

Right TKR done May 2024. Have popping any clicki g when ambulating. Now since ~6 months ago, I start having grinding in right knee especially going up stars. Was told probably scare tissue forming.
For last 4 to 5 months been having pain in other knee went see ortho about left knee and their de idecto do xrays of both. Results show hard well is well applied. Chondroid lesion within distal metadiaphysis and lateral femoral joint space narrowing and joint line osteophyte formation.
Left knee with trkcompartmental osteo with medial and lateral tibia femoral joint space narrowing and joint li e osteophyte formation. There's lateral patellar tilt and subluxation with bone,-on-bone articulation of the patella and troclea on the sunrise view.
Dr. Aspirated 15ccs from left knee one and injected steroids that help for about a week. Now severe pain coming back on medial and later side of knee.
What is a chondroid lesion and any idea of what's going on in left knee?
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Neurology
Expert:  Dr. David replied 2 years ago.

This is Dr. David

sounds like you are having bad arthritis and inflammation and effusion fluid in the left knee

this can happen after the other knee TKR if you are bearing more weight on your left leg.

your doctors should check the fluid for uric acid crystals which can be formed from gout in the fluid.

you might benefit from platelet-rich plasma injections into your left knee to help with healing and reduce inflammation.

if the arthritis inflammation and pain continue in the left knee, you might need a TKR on the left side in the future.